Mysteries and curiosities of the Malbork Castle
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If the reader wishes to view a short filmed illustration of the scientific foundations on which all the discoveries, theories, inventions and formal proofs presented here were based, then I encourage the reader to watch around 35 minute long video film with my scientific portfolio, available (for free) on YouTube. This film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it is available in English, in Polish (po polsku) and in German (auf Deutsch). The more detailed descriptions, internet addresses, links, and leaflets promoting this excellently-designed and produced HD and HQ film, are provided in item #J9 from the web page named totalizm.htm, as well as on the separate web page named portfolio.htm - which is entirely devoted to explaining the content and main ideas of this film. The portfolio.htm web page is available at all frequently upddated addresses with totaliztic web pages, e.g. at easy to remember and, as well as
Have a pleasant viewing,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk - the creator of this web page

Let us have a look at mysteries and curiosities of the Malbork Castle. Various books and official publications provide quite a good information about Malbork and about its medieval castle. But this is an "official" information and typically it fails to provide descriptions of intriguing prophecies, mysteries, and puzzles which surround this ill-omened castle. Therefore, as a private person, and in addition a person who lives on emigration as far from Poland as New Zealand, I was able to prepare this my personal web page and reveal in it such typically missing information about old prophecies, mysteries, and unexplained phenomena that were noted in action around this castle. After all, the "official knowledge" about a medieval castle, which avoids mentioning prophecies, mysteries and curiosities that surround such an old place, is incomplete. On the other hand, I am quite sure that many people wish to learn about such matters.

The content of this web page is authorized by Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page is to indicate least-known mysteries and curiosities of the Castle of Teutonic Knights from Malbork. In addition, this web pages inspires to explain each of these mysteries and curiosities of the Malbork Castle on the basis of my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - means from the philosophical approach which is stubbornly rejected by the old, official, so-called "atheistic orthodox science", while introduced to research and systematically applied only by the new so-called totaliztic science. (What differences exactly are in philosophical and scientific foundations of both these sciences, it is explained more comprehensively in items #C1 to #C6 from a separate web page named telekinetics.htm.)

#A2. The history of this web page:

       This web page was created in November 2002. Initially it supposed to be just a marginal addition to several other web pages which promoted the castle in Malbork from historical and factual point of view. The web page supposed to add to these other web sites several unofficial curiosities and intrigues. Thus, in the first edition of it, the page contained, amongst others, the content of this anti-Polish prophecy linked to the medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork (at present this prophecy is described in item #C1 below), the description of my "miraculous healing" (at present described in item #E2 below), and photographs shown below as "Fig. #G1ab". However, in January 2008 I learned that my descriptions of ill-omened figure of Madonna from the castle, especially its hostility towards Polish people and its supposed ability to carry out "healings", inspired the establishing of a foundation named Mater Dei which tries to rebuild this medieval Madonna. Means, the true effrects of developing this web page turned out exactly opposite to my intentions in that matter. Instead of understanding from my descriptions how dangerous is this Madonna, other treated it as an attraction and decided to begin its rebuilding. So I immediately re-edited this web page, so that it clearly explained why the rebuilding of that ill-omened figure would be a highly unwise thing to do. Thus, the second edition of this web page, which started to be disseminated in 2008, additionally included the content presently provided below in items #C2 to #C5. In 2010 I learned that the anti-Polish power of this ill-omened Madonna already starts to manifest itself. Thus, to the content of this web page I added the present item #C6 (still formulated very carefully - although the topic of it asks for treatment that it deserves), together with other slight improvements preparing the thrid edition of this web page. That third edition I decided to turn into the main web page of the historical web sites about the Malbork castle which I am discussing in item #F2 below. Then, exactly on 7 April 2010, I got affected with a "supernatural illness" described in item #F2 of this web page, which had all features of the illness induced in me on purpose by that medieval Madonna from Malbork. This illness completely re-evaluated and re-interpreted my understanding of "miraculous healings" of that medieval Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, and revealed to me an alternative explanation to several puzzles which troubled me earlier on this subject. So I realised then that the Madonna NOT only heals, but also remotely "spells" illnesses. This re-evaluation of my views, together with terrible suffering which accompanied it, caused that I decided to re-edit this web page completely into the present, fourth edition of it. In fact, if not the terrible suffering which this Madonna imposed on me remotely, my views expressed in content of this fourth edition of the web page I probably would never publish - in spite of my belief that these views are correct. This is because I jolly well know how many opponents to my ideas I am going to create by open raising matters which in this fourth edition are discussed (in addition to the number of opponents which my ideas already have and whom viciously criticise everything that my vanguard research are revealing). For the first time a preliminary version of this fourth edition of this web page was published on 26 April 2010. But the main publication of this fourth edition took place on 3 May 2010.

#A3. How the mystery, the explanation of which was a kind of "hobby" of my brother the late Czesław Pająk (i.e. the mystery of more than 20-times higher than normal resistance to rotting of wooden poles on which stand the foundations of the Teutonic Knights Castle in Polish Malbork), in about 2 years after the death of my brother was explained by unusual properties of the so-called "moon timber":

       My strong connection with the Teutonic Knights castle in Malbork, Poland, originates from two sources. One of them is my older brother Czesław (1936 - 2015), who lived in Malbork, and with whom I kept a strong relationship - visiting him in Malbork whenever there was an opportunity for such a visit. Czesław (Chester) for a significant period of time was one of the first Polish directors, or managers, at the Malbork Castle (PTTK), until around 1970 he was removed from this post, because he refused to sign up to the political party that at that time become obligatory at leading managerial posts. However, after his removal from his managerial position, Czesław still continued to be interested in the castle and continued to participate in the affairs of the castle, working in there as one of the English-speaking guides for tourists, since he was well acquainted with the castle and with its various intriguing secrets - until about 2010 he was also released from this job, because of some new Polish governmental law, that people in a retirement age cannot be employed in there in any capacity. Like mylelf, my brother Czesław also was fascinated with mysteries, puzzles, secrets, treasures, unexplained phenomena, so we spent a lot of time discussing what he learned from various historical chronicles and descriptions of the castle in Malbork (and sometimes even together, although always fruitlessly, we were empirically checking his hypotheses on topics that interested him). This page documents only a mundane fragment of the ocean of information that resulted from those our discussions.
       One of my brother's special "hobby" was finding an explanation for the amazing lifespan of the timber poles (pillars, pylons) on which the foundations of the Teutonic Knights castle in Malbork were erected. Brother used to tell, that ordinary timber exposed to elements (dampness, moulding, mycelium, bacteria, worms, etc.) and NOT treated with some modern chemical poisons, typically becomes rotting away completely and almost dissipating by itself, after around 30 years (which fact I later confirmed empirically by intentionally watching various effects of work of elements on ordinary timber). Meanwhile, the foundations of the buildings of Teutonic Knights Castle in Malbork were erected on numerous timber piles (pillars, poles) inserted into the sand that continually was dampened by the nearby Nogat River - means were built in the same way as ancient Romans constructed the foundations of the entire city of Venice. These Malbork timber poles have for centuries been carrying the immense weight of that "biggest pile of bricks in entire Europe" (as my brother jokingly used to refer to the Malbork castle - I later discovered that his joking name for the Malbork castle was "adopted" also by other people). It was not until about 1950s that the first signs of rotting of these timber poles began to appear, causing foundations of the castle to start collapsing and forming cracks in walls under the weight of the Great Refectory visible below in "Fig. #A1". Since the construction of the castle in Malbork began around 1280, until that around 1950s the timber of these piles was NOT subjected to rotting for about 670 years. So the resistance to rotting of this Teutonic timber was more than 20-times higher than that of ordinary timber, and similarly many times higher if instead of wood these poles were made of e.g. steel (already known at the time of the construction of that castle). So what was the secret of such extremely increased resistance to roting of this Teutonic timber? To explain this secret, my brother sought to inspire the searching for answers all these numerous scientists from a whole range of different committees and expert groups, funded by the finances for rescuing the collapsing foundations of the castle, who, among others, also researched the rotting timber poles under the foundations of the castle. Unfortunately, neither of these experts knew, nor did found, an explanation to this mystery and a strange puzzle.
       For some strange reason, the secret of these timber piles was explained in about 2 years after my brother's death. In March of 2017, one of the readers who supported the research resulting from my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity ("Codig") posted me a link to a 35-minute free film in, entitled KSIĘŻYCOWE DREWNO - UKRYTA PRAWDA O DRZEWACH I DREWNIE NA NOWO ODKRYTA (which title translates as "The moon timber - newly re-discovered hidden truth about woods and timber"). The film is commented in the Polish language. It reports results of research carried out by a former Austrian forester named Erwin Thoma (currently a director or an owner of a world-famous timber company). In the family tradition of this forester was known the interesting secret (and mystery) of the so-called "moon timber" - that is, the timber that came from trees cut in a unique way, namely in the midst of the heaviest winter, and only in the phase of the decreasing moon. Such timber is characterized by unusual properties. For example, it is resistant to beetles and other insects, as well as to moisture, moulding, bacteria, and fire, it does NOT rot as fast as other timber, under certain conditions it is also many times stronger than today's concrete and steel, etc., etc. My originating from my brother awareness of the extraordinary resistance to rotting of the Teutonic timber piles that support the foundations of the castle in Malbork, suggested that this extraordinary "lunar timber" was used for these piles. More information about this movie, about remarkable attributes of such "moon timber", and also my explanations of this subject matter resulting from findings of "Codig", is described in item #C4.8 from my web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm. Hence, after finishing reading of this web page, readers who are interested in secrets and mysteries perhaps should look in there too.
       As old Polish folklore used to state, similar events Have the custom to "arrive in flocks". (Some time ago, to this flocking custom of events, the atheistic science gave even a scientific name. However, in order to understand that grouping together related events is intended to achieve certain superior goals, one must acknowledge the existence of God - but, of course, this the today's official science is still refusing to do.) So soon after I look at this video from YouTube about the "moon timber", happened something as if it was especially done to assure me that the pillars from Teutonic timber under the Malbork castle are from just such "moon timber" - namely, in the NZ television was shown an English documentary film about Venice - which I also watched. The film was antitled "Italy's Invisible Cities S01E02: Venice", and just after 2017/4/17 it could also be viewed at the address At length from 10:30 to 13:20 minutes of this English documentary film, showed are timber poles (piles) inserted into the bottom of salty sea marshes, on which poles the foundations of the entire Italian city Venice is build. These Venetian piles also began to rot and fall apart approximately around the same time as the poles from the Malbork castle. So currently the foundations of the entire Venice, like the foundations of the castle in Malbork, need to be rescued from submerging into the sea and swamp. Of course, in this movie was NOT addressed the extremely important question, namely: How is it that these timber pillars have NOT rotten over so many centuries? The lack of this question stems from the simple ignorance of today's scientists. However, if someone has asked such a question, then the answer to it lies also in such "moon timber" described in abovementioned item #C4.8 from my web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm, and in the video which explains properties of this extraordinary timber. As it stems from the video of Mr. Erwin Thoma, already ancient Romans knew the secret and the mystery of "moon timber". He knows that Romans utilised the secret of the "moon timber" because the Roman chronicler and writer named Pliny reported that Julius Caesar had even issued a law that anyone who would use ordinary timber (instead of such "moon timber") to build Roman ships, would be sentenced to death. This in turn means, that the Romans who undertook the construction of Venice on the swampy marshes, knew the secret and mystery of this extraordinary wood, hence the timber they used for paving the foundations of the entire city of Venice was just such "moon timber". In turn, since the former Venetians knew the secret of "moon timber", the Teutonic Knights from Malbork also knew it. After all, during the Crusades, the Teutonic Knights maintained a vigorous relationship with Venetians - as the they studies the Venetian knowledge about the principles of constructing castles. Also, as it is confirmed by the quotation of the historic record from item #C1 of this web page, Teutonic Knights Order and Venetians for a number of further centuries maintained their continuous contacts and cooperation.
       The wonderful qualities of "moon timber" also explain one more secret that I personally had a hard time with. Namely, on June 18, 1178, around a present New Zealand township of Tapanui, a stack of as many as seven UFO vehicles type K6 was exploded, thus causing many times greater devastation and damage than in 1908 was caused by the explosion of three UFOs over the Tunguska taiga in Siberia - for descriptions of the course and effects of that New Zealand UFO explosion (e.g. caused by it the rotation of Earth's crust by around 7 degrees - the recognition of which rotation the official atheistic science refuses in spite that there is a wealth of material evidence confirming that it did occur) it is worth to view my web page named tapanui.htm - especially item #D2.1 of it which described the longevity of that New Zealand "moon timber". This New Zealand UFO explosion, among other things, caused the flatting down of the ancient forest that originally covered the entire of New Zealand. The timber from these ancient forests is still to be found in more secluded places today, and some local people even today use this timber for turning various ornamental souvenirs and objects. Of course, I have always been intrigued by the extraordinary strength of this ancient natural wood, that after more than 800 years of being constantly exposed to elements, this timber still does not rot and still is suitable for manufacturing souvenirs - as if it was cut just a few years ago. So the answers to this puzzle also provided to me the qualities of the "moon timber" described here. After all, these New Zealand woods actually were flattened down in the middle of New Zealand's winter, and immediately after finished the moon's decreasing phase (i.e. when the consequences of the decreasing moons phase were still creating these extraordinary attributes of "moon timber" in the fallen down ancient woods) - as I explained this in detail in item #D2.1 from my web page named tapanui.htm on the basis of historic records of Canterbury cathedral (England) chronicler named Gervase, whom reported the sighting of manifestations of that New Zealand UFO explosion. An attempt of visual reconstruction of that Gervase record, in April 2017 still could be viewed from also uploaded to YouTube on 2017/4/17 free English film entitled "Cosmos by Carl Sagan Episode 4 Heaven and Hell", that on its lengths from 22:00 to 25:25 minutes transforms that record into a visual form of film - unfortunately, in that transformation the film more attention pays to compatibility with recognised theories of present official science, that to compatibility with the original Gervase’s record.
       I should also clarify here in more detail the first sentence of this item, namely that, apart from my brother Czesław, there was also a second source of my keen interest in the Teutonic castle from Malbork, Poland. This source was a "wigi board" ghost session in which I took part in the final years of my university studies. During the session a ghost, who introduced himself to us, as the "commander of the Teutonic Order", tried to convince me that I once died duelling with him. My descriptions of this strange history, that is still alive in my memory, I provided in items #J1 to #J4 from the end of this web page.
Fig. #A1: Dr Jan Pająk with brother the late Czesław Pająk

Fig. #A1: Myself (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk) in a blue jacket, and my brother, the late Czesław Pająk in a brown shirt. In the background (i.e. behind the Nogat River) you can see the Teutonic Knights castle in Malbork, Poland, jokingly called by my brother "the biggest pile of bricks in Europe". This entire heavy "pile of bricks" was resisting submerging into the sandy and damp soil drenched with waters of the Nogat River only because of the extraordinary durability and resistance to rotting of the described above (while in more details explained in item #C4.8 of my web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm and additionally confirmed with evidence from item #D2.1 of another my web page named tapanui.htm) poles (pillars, pylons) made of extremely durable "moon timber" - on which poles the foundations of this castle are erected. (On similarly strong poles made of "moon timber" inserted into salty sea bog are also erected foundations of the entire Italian city of Venice.) This photo was taken in May 1995.

Part #B: Why me, i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak consider myself to be sufficiently competent to undertake the explanation of these mysteries and curiosities of the Malbork Castle, on the subject of which even the present official science is afraid to express its views:


#B1. Outcomes of my research are speaking for themselves:

       I am a Polish scientist who emigrated to New Zealand in 1982 - i.e. when New Zealand was still a progressive country and still had the wise government of Sir Robert Muldoon. As a scientist-emigrant, since 2005 I must survive somehow in New Zealand without a permanent employment (according to New Zealand law, I am also not entitled to a "dole" and I must survive on my old savings). So I have a lot of time for doing private research which I would NOT be able to carry out if I would work for bread. In addition, the lack of employer and easy to scare bosses has also this advantage, that NO-ONE opposes my research nor exerts typical for my topics pressures to abandon my searches for truth. Of course, in times before the world's economic crisis of 2008 I had opportunities to find outside of New Zealand an academic employment which would be appropriate to my knowledge and experience. Thus for example, since 1 March 2007 until 31 December 2007 I was employed as a full professor at an renown university (of course, outside of New Zealand). Previously I was employed as an associate professor at three subsequent universities (also outside of New Zealand) - for details see about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) Permanently I emigrated from Poland in 1982 - thus currently I live at the opposite side of the world than Poland. But I still keep quite a kin interest in newest developments from the old country. My scientific "hobby" actually includes researching various mysteries and unexplained phenomena. My life - full of travel and adventures, is described quite well in subsection W4 (volume 18), of the English monograph [1/5] "Advanced Magnetic Propulsion Systems", available free of charge through this web page as well as through all other web sites listed in "Menu 4". You can review my accomplishments in the area of mysteries by having a look at some of the Mystery Sites that are listed in "Menu 1" from the left margin. Especially interesting description of mysteries that I investigated so-far, can be found in subsections OC1 and V8.1 of my monograph [1/5] "Advanced magnetic devices" (or in subsections E1 and F1 of volumes 4 and 5 from my older monograph [8], entitled Totalizm). Both these monographs can be downloaded free of charge from all the web sites, that in "Menu 4" from the left margin are marked as "Text [1/5]" or "Text [8/2]".
       I am a frequent visitor in the Malbork and its Castle. This web page is the outcome of my visits and research. Here is a photograph of myself and my wife taken by this castle.
Fig. #B1 (R1 in [10]): Dr Eng. Jan Pajak with his wife by the Malbork Castle in Poland. May 1995.

Fig. #B1 (R1 in [10]): Myself (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) and my wife, by the Malbork Castle. This photo was taken in 1995. On the right side of the photo an intriguing "Water Gate" of the Malbork Castle is visible. In turn on the top of this gate a grey statue of a "frog" can be seen, shown also on the photograph from "Fig. #H1ab".
* * *
       Please notice that you can see an enlargement of each photograph from this page, simply by clicking on this photograph. You can also download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.

#B2. Why the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is so useful in explaining "supernatural" and in learning other previously unknown phenomena:

       The best in my opinion explanation why the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity allows us to explain all previously unknown phenomena in so coinciding with empirics and so understandable manner, is published in item #J5 from the totaliztic web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm. In that item #J5 the learning anything about which the humanity still has NO idea is compared to climbing a high wall of ignorance. If we carry out this learning exclusively on the basis of what we know from everyday life and from empirics, then this climbing can be compared to an attempt to pass through the wall without the use of any tools. But if we have any scientific theory which explain to us the mechanism of a number of empirical findings, then this illustratively can be compared to climbing through a wall by attaching a ladder or a scaffold to it. This is because such a theory allows that independently from empirics we can also rely on the statements of that theory - this having the same significance as the capability to climb when we simultaneously are able to support ourselves on the wall and on the ladder.
       Until the time when in 1985 I managed to develop a scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the humanity did NOT have any theory which would provide agreeable with empirics explanations for such phenomena as telekinesis, telepathy, miracles, soul, God, gravity, time, morality, depression, catastrophes, prophecies, etc. Therefore, the scientific learning of these phenomena was then almost impossible. But at the moment when the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was developed and published, immediately it turned out that all these phenomena have rational explanations, their mechanism of work, their origins, justification, etc. In a similar manner the same theory of everything allows on this web page to explain a whole range of previously unknown phenomena which sometimes are empirically noticed in the medieval castle of Teutonic Knights from Malbork.

Part #C: The Castle's statue of Virgin Mary and the proverb that "Pole is wise only after a harm":


#C1. The ill-omened statue of Virgin Mary from the Malbork Castle known from his hostility towards Poles, which to be destroyed required battlefields of the Second World War, and which in order to attract attention and become rebuild, tricked me into a erroneous belief that it carried out miraculous healing on me:

       Until the end of Second World War, there was a huge, 8 meters tall, stucco statue of Virgin Mary located in the bay formed inside of the eastern elevation of the Holy Mother Mary church from the Upper Malbork Castle. This statue was constructed by Teutonic Knights who annexed from Poles the land that the figure overlooked. With the elapse of time this figure become famous from its hostility towards the Polish nation. Amongst others to this figure was attached an old prophecy, stating that for as long, as this figure overlooks the land that it controls, the German language is to prevail there while the land is to remain under the German control - for more details see item #D1 from the separate web page named prophecies.htm. This old prophecy fulfilled itself at the end of the Second World War, when in the result of some mysterious circumstances exploded the ammunition stored in the church with this figure, removing the figure from the surface of the Earth. Simultaneously, the land that this figure supervised returned to Poland and the Polish language started to prevail on it. Unfortunately, recently some dark forces try to restore this ill-omened figure. If these forces succeed, then also the supernatural powers of the old prophecy assigned to this figure become restored. This in turn will destroy the current stability and peaceful balance of the Europe. Therefore, we should NOT allow that this ill-omened figure is restored. I recommend that the reader checks item #C5 below in which I am explaining why we should do everything in our power to disallow the restoration of this ill-omened figure in its original expansive orientation and symbolism.
       I should add here, that the subject of this ill-omened for Polish people prophecy linked to the figure of Malbork Madonna, is presented in the entire "part #D" from the separate web page named prophecies.htm, on which are discussed all Polish prophecies that are known to me together with evidence of their fulfilment.
       Here is how a Polish historic publication entitled "Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i Innych Krajów Słowiańskich" published in Warszawa in 1884, on page 943 under the word "Malbork", describes that figure - in my free translation (the original, Polish wording of this description you can find on the Polish version of that page that you can visit after clicking the Polish flag on the header):
       "Presbyterial closes an octagon, in the central field of which instead of the window a bay was created. Inside of the bay there is a colossal, well-preserved and perfectly restored figure of Virgin Mary, the patron of that town, with Holy Infant Jesus on her hands. The height of that figure is 8 meters, while the Infant is 2 meters tall. This old figure is from times of Winrych von Kniprode (1351-82). It was laid on the solid core from colourful mosaic. It is almost an uniqueness. Apart from nearby although smaller version from Kwidzyn (beheading of St. John) and the final judgment in the Cathedral of St. Wit in Prague, the medieval mosaics of that size do not exist except for Italy. Golden background of the bay and the blue frame around that was sprinkled with stars, are also made of similar mosaic; staniol (i.e. mineral - my comment) placed on a piece of glass, and covered with another piece of glass, produces gold colour. This figure, facing East, is of Venetian workmanship; in Venice such mosaics were a normal feature, while masters of Teutonic Knights used to have their residence in there."

Fig. #C1a.
Fig. #C1a: A photograph taken in June 2004. It shows me (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak) under the niche in the castle church from Malbork, Poland, where until the end of the Second World War used to stand the ill-omened sculpture of Virgin Mary erected by Teutonic Knights and famous from numerous healings as well as from the prophecy which was very hostile towards Poles and thus required battlefields of the Second World War in order to fulfil itself (this prophecy is described in items #C4 and #C5 of the web page). The niche is visible just above my head - it is the one painted inside in white.
       On my birthday in 1995, this sculpture treated me with a highly spectacular show, which until 7 April 2010 I believed to be a kind of "miraculous healing". (But as I am to explain this in parts #E and #F of the web page, most probably it was just an "impression of being healed".) This supposed "healing" I later described thoroughly in a number of my web pages and publications, including into this number also the web page about curiosities of the medieval castle from the town of Malbork. In turn my publications initiated the return of public interest in the figure, the final effect of which was the highly unfortunate arranging of the foundation named Mater Dei - which set the goal for itself to rebuild this ill-omened figure. Of course, from the very beginning I have known about the hostile towards Poland and Poles attitude of that figure. I also have known about the old prophecy attached to it, that if that figure is ever rebuild, the German language will return to the lands that it overlooks. Therefore, if I was NOT "tricked" by this figure into describing my experiences with it, I would never voluntarily do anything that could contribute towards the rebuilding of it. Since completely without my intentions this figure exploited my capabilities to direct human attention at it, now I am doing everything in my power to stop attempts to rebuild it. I also hope, that the content of that web page contributes to abandoning that immensely unwise idea of someone to still rebuild that ill-omened figure of Teutonic Knights.
       That spectacular "supposed healing" which I experienced in Malbork, inspired me also for researching the mechanism of such healings. In the result of that research I managed to determine, that "healings" can be carried out practically by every object, which accumulates in itself a large charge of the intelligent so-called moral energy. For example, in present Malaysia people commonly ask special trees or stones for carrying out healings. These trees and stones are called Datuk. The appearance of one of such trees "Datuk" is shown below in "Fig. #D1", as well as on the separate web page named ufo.htm. In times before the "World War Two" similar miraculous healings took place in the church of St. Anna in Karłów near Milicz, which was famous from them. The source of these healings from Milicz was a very old oak and an "angel stone", both of which now do not exist any more, but which used to exist near the church of St. Anna, at the back of the altar. These are described in more details on the web page named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm and on the web page named milicz_uk.htm. The healing "angel stone" from the church of St. Anna disappeared from the original place, where it used to stand for centuries, sometimes in years between 1981 and 2004 (i.e. in 1981 I saw it in there for the last time, then I emigrated to New Zealand, and when again I searched for it in 2004 - it was no longer in there). In past it was very famous from the ability to restore fertility. On the Island of Borneo, miraculous healings are carried out by special "totems" carved in wood. Examples of these are shown in "Fig. #D2" below". In turn for these objects to accumulate in themselves the require amount of "moral energy", they must be subjected to prayers from numerous people. Means that practically every object to which a lot of people prays, after sometime acquires capabilities to carry out supernatural acts - including miraculous healings. In other words, the ability to carry out healings is NOT anything extraordinary, only that similarly like about the "black magic" people do NOT know almost anything about it. What even worse, as I am going to explain this in "part #F" of this web page, similarly like "black magic", also such "supposed healings" by various objects, figures, idols, etc., quite frequently turn against people and in fact bring illness instead of healing.
       The above photograph of the present appearance of the church's bay in which this statue of Virgin Mary used to stand, is also shown as "Fig. #25" on a separate web page about the old Polish town from the ancient "Amber Route", named Milicz.

Fig. #C1b
Fig. #C1b: Small golden mosaic which exists on the exterior of the Cathedral in Kwidzyń (Poland), and which presents the scene of the "Beheading of St. John". It was made with the same technique as the mosaic that covered the figure of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from the Malbork Castle. It also originates from the same period. But because to this mosaic is NOT linked any ill-omened prophecy, it could survive undamaged until present times.

#C2. Supernatural powers of the statue of Virgin Mary from Malbork and origins of these powers:

       Because this statue was so old, it was subjected to continuous worship throughout all these centuries. Therefore it was saturated with the intelligent energy of countless prayers - as such being able to carry out supernatural acts. For example, it was able to grant healings to sick people. The supernatural powers of this figure are justified by the actual work of the Chinese feng shui described in item #H1 of this web page. Unfortunately, apart from religious significance, this statue was also the symbol of political oppression of the Teutonic Knights over the land that this ill-omened statue overlooked, carried out in the name of God. Therefore, to this ominous statue an old prophecy described in items #C1, #C4, and #C5 was attached. The prophecy fulfilled itself when this symbol of religious oppression was destroyed in the mysterious explosion during the last stage of battle for the Malbork Castle at the end of World War Two. Here is how this statue used to look like:

Fig. #C2a(top): An old photo of the face close-up of 8 meters tall stucco statue of Virgin Mary from the Malbork Castle.
Fig. #C2b(middle): One frame from an old film showing the stucco statue of Virgin Mary from the Malbork Castle, together with the place where it used to stand.
Fig. #C2c(bottom): An old photo of the entire 8 meters tall stucco statue of Virgin Mary from the Malbork Castle.
Fig. #C2abc: Here is how old photographs portray the stucco statue of Virgin Mary from the Malbork Castle. As these photographs illustrate it, the statue of the Malbork Madonna was modelled in the positioning that represents the expansion and control over lands that this statue overlooks. Thus it symbolised perfectly the intentions of Teutonic Knights who erected this statue, enforcing with its supernatural powers the aggressive activities of the Teutonic Knights. So if this ill-omened statue is restored in present times, its expansive and hostile position should be intentionally changed (as the philosophy of totalizm and also the Chinese feng shui advices this to us - see item #C5 below), thus making it to symbolise and reinforce with its supernatural powers the present situation of the lands that it supervises. How to accomplish this task it is explained in item #C5 below. Click on the selected photograph if you wish to enlarge it.
       (a - top) photograph originates from a view card dated in 1930s and published by Albert Frisch from Berlin. It shows the head of this figure, with Holy Infant Jesus sitting on her hands. For more details about this photo see web pages,, and
       (b - middle) photograph in fact is a single frame from an old German film entitled "Land an der Weichsel" by von Caengel, from 1943. An extremely interesting is that both, the Virgin Mary, as well as the Holy Infant from this figure, had the characteristic "triangular faces" and "buttock-like" bulges on their chins - means anatomic features which are typical for UFOnauts - as this is explained more comprehensively in the caption under "Fig. #G2d" below, and also in the caption under "Fig. #2" from the web site ufo.htm, and the caption under "Fig. #1" from the web site antichrist.htm. So it looks like the above figure was created because sometimes ago a female UFOnaut impersonated Virgin Mary and the Holy Infant Jesus.
       (c - bottom) photograph originates from German the so-called "War Series", and was published by the Deutsche Kunstverlag in Berlin around 1940. It shows the entire statue of the Virgin Mary together with the bay in the church elevation in which this statue was located.

#C3. A historic example of releasing the destructive powers of the Madonna from Malbork Castle and manifestation of its hostility towards Poles:

       About supernatural powers of the figure discussed here, and about the hostility of this figure towards Poles, quite a lot of information is contained in old manuscripts. Here is an example of what is written in "Borck: Echo sepulcralis" in the manuscript dated in 1765, page 157 (in my own translation - for the original wording see the Polish version of this Web page):
       "After the end of famous Grunwald (Tannenberg) battle that took place on 15 July 1410, the victorious Polish and Lithuanian army approached Malbork, although the first fore-posts reached Malbork on 26 July, in spite that the distance was only around 15 miles (old Polish mile = 8.834 km: my comment). This time was used by the secular commander of the castle, Henry Reuss von Plauen, who collected reserves where he could and fortified the castle, while soon he was joined by the remainder of the Teutonic army from Grunwald. Then he burned Malbork town, destroyed the bridge on Nogat river, and decided to defend the castle until the end. So Polish king started to attack the castle, but his stony bullets were unable to penetrate good bricks of walls and disintegrated during impacts; in the meantime small echelons of calvary were spreading terror and destruction. But the lack of food forced Henry von Plauen to start negotiations with the king; he offered to Poland the provinces of Pomorze, ziemia chelminska, and ziemia michalowska; only Prussia that was taken from pagans supposed to remain with Teutonic Knights. Poles should accept these good conditions, but dignitaries from the king's advisory committee and the majority of soldiers insisted to remove Teutonic Knights completely from Prussia, and in their opinion this was only depending on taking Malbork and several other castles. So Polish king Jagiello gave the negative reply. But from then onwards good luck started to desert the attackers; the lack of good food, and the heat brought illnesses to their camp; even worse, rumours started to spread that a cannon master, who wanted to hit the figure of Virgin Mary in the castle church become blind. Rumours were saying that when his superior started to scoff of this cannon master, and himself aimed at the figure, the cannon exploded and killed a Tartar leader who stood nearby; Tartars become so angry that they killed with their shields the courageous superior; he supposed to be the same, who at Grunwald first hit with his spear the leader of Teutonic Knights the Great Master Ulryk von Jungingen."

#C3.1. The fate of the Grunwald hero and the work of the moral "Boomerang Principle":

       That "superior" mocking of cannoneer in the above historical chronicle, bludgeoned to death by the Lipka Tatars, is indicated NOT without a reason highly diplomatically and carefully, i.e. without giving his name. After 1410, he was then widely known and famous hero of the Battle of Grunwald. During this battle, he became famous for all of Poland and Lithuania for the fact that he was the first to catch up and with a spear and to knock down the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights from his horse to the ground, then, together with other fighters on the Polish side, he beat the master to death. Back then, everyone knew him and everyone talked about him. Ów drwiący "przełożony" puszkarza z powyższego historycznego zapisu kronikarskiego, zatłuczony na śmierć przez Tatarów, NIE bez powodu jest wskazywany wysoce dyplomatycznie i ostrożnie, tj. bez podania jego nazwiska. Po 1410 roku był on bowiem szeroko wówczas znanym i słynnym bohaterem bitwy pod Grunwaldem. Podczas tej bitwy wsławił się przecież na całą Polskę i Litwę z faktu, że był pierwszym który dopadł i dzidą zwalił wielkiego mistrza krzyżackiego z konia na ziemię, poczym wraz z innymi walczącymi po polskiej stronie zatłukł tego mistrza na śmierć. W owych czasach wszyscy go znali i wszyscy o nim mówili. His image is even immortalised in the famous painting "The Battle of Grunwald" by Jan Matejko. (In this picture he is depicted in the very center and in the foreground, as, standing with his bare chest visible to the viewer of this painting, he points his spear at the great master.) Hence the later shamful death of this hero, widely known to Poles and Lithuanians, reported in the above historical record, is a kind of "moral lesson" given to us in a manner typical for God's methods, namely in a way that shocks and forces us to think about, that is to provide us with information on which everyone can rely, but at the same time that is NOT to take away from anyone his/her "free will" - because it also allows for different interpretations (which I am explaining in more detail, among others, in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm). This moral lesson perfectly illustrates to us the operation of the moral "Boomerang Principle". (This operation is described, amongst others, in item #C4.4 from the web page named morals.htm, while additionally explained in item #B3 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm.) Namely, it illustrates to us that "feelings what we induce in other people through our actions, after some time come back to us and we ourselves also have to experience them". The actionof this moral "Boomerang Principle" constantly catches every person on Earth and everyone has the possibility of its confirmations both on himself/herself, as well as on persons which he/she knows well. Unfortunately, there are NOT many written reports on which one can rely and which also confirm the work of this principle as illustratively as above historical chronicle record. People just are very slow and very reluctant to admitthat this "Boomerang Principle" actually works with an "iron hand" and that it inevitably gets everyone.

       Unfortunately, the remaining part of this item #C3.1 still awaits to be translated from the Polish language to the English language. Until I find the time required to complete this precise translation, the reader can gain a rough idea as to what this item #C3.1 is all about by having a look at the text, items-headings, captions under illustrations, videos, as well as the English introduction to this web page (already in English), or by using one of these free online programs for translation between languages to personally translate into the reader's native language the content of the Polish version of this item #C3.1 already published below or in the Polish version of this web page named malbork.htm (which occasionally is copied below). Alternatively, the reader may have a look at describing the "Boomerang Principle" posts to "blogs of totalizm" (available at addresses provided in item #Z4 below on this web page) and also re-published in my publication [13] available through the Polish web page named tekst_13.htm - in which publication [13] are collected all the posts to blogs of totalizm, including also posts reporting on the "Boomerang Principle" and on the work of "totaliztic karma".

       Gdy jeszcze uczęszczałem do liceum, nasz nauczyciel języka polskiego, Pan Tadeusz Nalewajko (wspominany także na mojej stronie o nazwie lo.htm) opowiedział nam ciekawostkę o owym epizodzie bitwy pod Grunwaldem, kiedy to wielki mistrz krzyżacki został zwalony dzidą na ziemię przez bohatera walczącego po polskiej stronie. Z powodu jaki trudno wytłumaczyć odmiennie niż "programowanie przyszłości", owa ciekawostka utkwiła do dzisiaj w mojej pamięci. To prawdopodobnie z powodu jej usłyszenia, kiedy już w swym dorosłym życiu natknąłem się na zapis kronikarski przytoczony w punkcie #C3 powyżej, natychmiast go tu opublikowałem. Obecnie najbardziej mnie intryguje w owej ciekawostce, że Pan Nalewajko referował do tego grunwaldzkiego bohatera po imieniu i nazwisku. Niemniej chociaż owo nazwisko może stanowić interesującą ciekawostkę, jednak deliberacje jakie mogłoby ono pobudzić niepotrzebnie odciągałyby uwagę czytelnika od tego co w niniejszym punkcie jest najważniejsze - tj. od kronikarskiego udokumentowania działania moralnego "prawa bumerangu". Tymczasem poznanie owego nazwiska wcale NIE jest nam potrzebne dla poznania "prawa bumerangu" i dla jego przestrzegania w naszym życiu. Tamtą ciekawostkę opowiedzianą nam w liceum, wspominam więc tu tylko aby uświadomić, że tego typu niby marginalne ciekawostki, często okazują się potem ogromnie istotne dla tego co czynimy w swym późniejszym życiu. Przykładowo, także w czasach liceum poznałem też inną podobną ciekawostkę o Polaku który zbudował pierwszy latający samolot na świecie. W późniejszym dorosłym życiu moralna wymowa owej ciekawostki pobudziła mnie do przeprowadzenia długich i mozolnych badań oraz prób naprawiania historycznej niesprawiedliwości, jakich wyniki opisałem na swej stronie o nazwie mozajski.htm.
       Wracając jednak do omawianego tu prawa moralnego, to powodem dla którego tak trudno znaleźć obecnie historyczne dane jakie potwierdzają działania "prawa bumerangu", okazuje się być naturalny proces społeczny jaki powoduje, że wszelkie historyczne "czarne charaktery" z upływem czasu są "wybielane". Owo "wybielanie" jest wynikiem równoczesnego działania aż trzech tendencji społecznych. Mianowicie, po pierwsze, z upływem czasu pojawia się coraz więcej ludzi którzy mają jakiś istotny interes aby "wybielić" owe "czarne charaktery". Przykładowo, mogą to być twórcy filmowi - którym pasuje aby te czarne charaktery na ekranie wyglądały NIE tak czarno, albo pisarze - którzy aby uczynić swoje książki bardziej atrakcyjne, napisali coś co zaprzecza powszechnie znanym faktom, albo poszukiwacze sławy - którzy aby skierować na siebie uwagę innych ludzi twierdzą odwrotność historycznej prawdy, albo ojcowie miast związanych jakoś z tymi "czarnymi charakterami" - którzy aby przyciągać i zabawiać turystów przekręcili kilka faktów i pododawali nieco powymyślanego przez siebie "dobra" do gorzkiej historycznej prawdy, albo wrogowie tych których "czarne charaktery" pokrzywdziły - a więc którzy się cieszą z tego co zaszło, albo potomkowie owych "czarnych charakterów" - którym zależy na oczyszczeniu rodzinnego nazwiska z historycznej stygmy, itd., itp. Po drugie, z czasem wymierają osoby które zostały pokrzywdzone przez te "czarne charaktery", a stąd które NIE boją się protestować kiedy pojawia się takie przekręcanie historycznej prawdy, czyli kiedy "zło" zaczyna być nazywane "dobrem". Po trzecie zaś, z upływem czasu goją się rany zadane przez owe "czarne charaktery", tak że dla ludzi przestaje być widoczny związek pomiędzy tym co one uczyniły, a sposobem na jaki umarły lub zostały ukarane w swoim późniejszym życiu. Stąd coraz mniejsza proporcja ludzi jest zainteresowana aby prawda pozostała prawdą. Istnieje sporo przykładów na działanie powyższego procesu społecznego. Najlepszym dzisiejszym przykładem jest Hitler, którego faktyczne działania coraz więcej ludzi zaczyna "wybielać", zaś coraz mniej ludzi pamięta. Dostępne są też jednak inne doskonałe przykłady historyczne, dla jakich faktyczne postępowanie i niedawne "wybielanie" udokumentowane zostały "na piśmie", a stąd o jakich dzisiaj można sobie łatwo poczytać np. w internecie. Jednym z nich jest (a) angielski król "Ryszard III" - którego kości zostały odgrzebane w styczniu 2013 roku (patrz artykuł "I absolutely knew I was walking on his grave" - tj. "ja byłam pewna że stąpałam po jego grobie", ze strony B1 nowozelandzkiewj gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z wtorku-Tuesday, February 5, 2013). NIE pomaga tu, że jest faktem historycznym iż ów "Richard III" uzurpował dla siebie tron od oddanego jego opiece 12-letniego bratanka - którego osobiście zamordował (wraz z młodszym bratem tego bratanka). NIE ma znaczenia, że jest on pamiętany jako tyran, niegodziwiec i złośliwiec. Nic nikomu NIE mówi, że w bitwie w jakiej zginął większość jego armii odmówiła wzięcia udziału i przeszła na stronę przeciwnika. Przestały już przekonywać ludzi szokujące opisy Richarda III w poświęconej mu sztuce teatralnej napisanej przez samego Shakespeare'a. NIE ma też już znaczenia, że z góry wiedząc jakie będzie on wiódł życie, Bóg uczynił go garbusem - zgodnie z zasadami działania Boga opisanymi np. w punktach #G1 do #G5 strony o nazwie will_pl.htm. Nagle, wszystkie te fakty zaczęły być "odkręcane" przez ludzi zainteresowanych z różnych powodów aby go "wybielić" - po odnośny przykład patrz artykuł "Toilet a grave threat to buried king" (tj. "publiczna toaleta śmiertelnym zagrożeniem dla pochowanego króla"), ze strony A39 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie ze środy (Wednesday), February 6, 2013. Inny przykład (b) takiego "wybielania" zmarłej kobiety, uprzednio będącej szczególnie nielubianą głową rządu Anglii, opisany jest w artykule o tytule "Death just an excuse to dance on the streets" (tj. "śmierć jest wymówką aby tańczyć na ulicach"), ze strony B5 gazety The Dominion Post Weekend, wydanie z soboty (Saturday), April 13, 2013; a także w szeregu innych artykułów opisujących reakcje zwykłych Anglików na śmierć tej byłej głowy ich państwa - np. artykułu o tytule "Compassion? There was none then so there is none now" (tj. "litość? Nie było żadnej wówczas nie ma więc jej i teraz"), ze strony B4 gazety Weekend Herald, wydanie z soboty (Saturday), April 13, 2013; czy artykułu "Saved the UK did she? Yes and no" (tj. "czyż nie uratowała ona Anglii? Tak i nie"), ze strony A28 gazety The New Zealand Herald, wydanie z czwartku (Thursday), April 11, 2013. Jest szokującym, jak bardzo dzisiejsza konfuzja na temat czym naprawdę jest "moralność" i "moralnie poprawne działanie", potrafi zróżnicować ludzkie opinie na temat czy czyjeś postępowanie było dobre czy tez złe. (Po ponadczasową definicję "moralności" patrz punkt #B5 na stronie o nazwie morals_pl.htm.)
       Właśnie z uwagi na działanie powyższego procesu społecznego "wybielającego" z czasem "czarne charaktery", jeśli ktoś chce przekonać się, że moralne "prawo bumerangu" faktycznie działa, wówczas powinien studiować losy współczesnych mu ludzi. Po jeden z wielu takich istniejących przykładów patrz artykuł "Legendary sniper killed at gun range" (tj. "legendarny snajper zastrzelony na strzelnicy") ze strony B3 nowozelandzkiewj gazety The Dominion Post, wydanie z wtorku (Tuesday), February 5, 2013 - który to artykuł opisuje śmierć amerykańskiego snajpera jaki w Iraku zastrzelił ponad 150 przeciwników, aby samemu zostać zastrzelonym we własnym kraju przez innego weterana z Iraku, jakiemu starał się udzielić przyjacielskiej pomocy.
       Opisy z niniejszego punktu uświadamiają nam aż cały szereg wysoce istotnych dla nas faktów, które mogą zadecydować o naszym losie. Przykładowo, uświadamiają nam, że na codzień żyjemy rozdarci pomiędzy dwoma systemami praw, zwykle nawzajem sprzecznymi, mianowicie rozdarci pomiędzy (1) doskonałymi prawami boskimi - które formują to co nazywamy "moralnością" (jakiej jawnym celem wypracowania jest "zapewnienie szczęśliwego życia dla wszystkich ludzi"), oraz (2) egoistycznymi prawami ludzkimi - które formują zniewalający nas "system legalny" (jakiego dobrze ukrytym celem jest "zapewnienie bogactwa i dobrobytu dla jednej grupy ludzi, kosztem wyzysku i zniewalania innych grup ludzi" - np. patrz punkty #T1 do #T3 strony humanity_pl.htm). System praw boskich ma powszechnie akceptowalny cel. Jest on też bardzo klarowny i łatwy do przestrzegania. Wszakże dla przykładu nakazuje on nam "nie zabijaj i nie krzywdź innych ludzi, bowiem każdy rodzaj uczuć jakie zaindukujesz u swoich ofiar, w przyszłości sam będziesz też musiał przeżyć" - po szczegóły patrz opisy karmy. Natomiast ludzki system legalny NIE posiada powszechnie akceptowalnego celu, jest skomplikowany, trudny do zrozumienia, nieprzyjemny i niesprawiedliwy w realizacji, kosztowny i niemoralny (np. patrz punkt #T1 strony humanity_pl.htm), nieefektywny, itp. Wszakże przykładowo nakazuje nam on "pod groźbą surowych kar, lub sądu wojennego, musisz ubrać ten mundur i zabijać lub zniewalać mieszkańców innych ziem którzy przeszkadzają nam w swobodnym dostępie do tego co oni posiadają, a co jest przedmiotem naszych pożądań, jeśli zaś dobrze wywiążesz się z tego co ci nakazujemy, wówczas ogłosimy cię bohateram i pogrzebiemy z wielkimi honorami". W tym miejscu nasuwa się więc pytanie, czy jest to tylko "szczęśliwym przypadkiem", czy też celowym działaniem Boga, że (jak wyjaśnia to nam punkt #L3 na stronie o nazwie cielcza.htm, oraz 6 z punktu #C4.2 na innej stronie o nazwie morals_pl.htm) istnieją aż tysiące sposobów, aby w przypadkach kiedy oba te systemy praw nawzajem kolidują, wówczas dyskretnie i w sposób niepodpadający u naszych przełożonych dawało się wybrać do wykonania właśnie ów system ponadczasowych praw boskich nastawionych na dobro wszystkich ludzi. Innym też dosyć istotnym faktem uświadamianym nam treścią tego punktu jest, że ludzkie oceny są wysoce stronnicze, ponieważ typowo manipulują nimi osoby o egoistycznie ukierunkowanych interesach. Dlatego dla bezstronniej oceny jakiejś osoby NIE powinno się patrzeć na to co o owym kimś mówią inni ludzie, a raczej zwracać uwagę na moralną wymowę tego co osoba ta faktycznie uczyniła - zgodnie z zaleceniem Boga "po czynach go poznacie".

#C4. Illustration of the fulfilment of old prophecies:

       In our busy lives we frequently encounter various stories regarding old prophecies. We usually take them with a pinch of salt - just senseless talks of old folks. But actually if one follows carefully stories behind such old prophecies, it turns out that they always fulfil themselves. Only that their fulfilment for many people is obvious after the fact, not before. The Malbork castle actually provides an excellent illustration how seriously we should take such old prophecies.
       The stucco statue described above, had an old prophecy attached to it. This prophecy stated, that "as long as the statue is standing, the land that it overlooks is going to remain under German control". Whatever people, who knew it, used to think about this prophecy, in the final count it fulfilled itself. The statue has fallen down at the end of World War 2, and simultaneously the Polish land that it overlooked gained the freedom from the German annexation.
       Volume 6 of monograph [8] "Totalizm" (especially subsection K4.1.1) describes various laws which relate to old prophecies. According to these laws: (a) old prophecies are actually insights into the future expressed in simple words - as such they always fulfil themselves, and (b) old prophecies, as well as objects to which they are attached, obey the law of "time independent cause and effect" (this law states that "in all matters controlled by laws of the counter-world, a cause can become an effect, and an effect can become a cause"). Explaining these laws in simple worlds, we should not joke about, or fool around with, old prophecies, because they all are deadly serious and for sure are going to fulfil themselves. Furthermore, we should be extremely cautious in our treatment of objects to which any such old prophecy is attached. For example, any attempt of rebuilding this statue from Malbork (which still is saturated with energy of countless prayers) could trigger significant political changes in Europe. Thus, it is much safer for all involved, if this powerful statue and its prophecy remains in the past. After all, when it stays in the past, it still can be revisited by prayers and requests of faithful people, while it does not force any changes in the political status quo of our planet.
       A separate web page named prophecies.htm, and also subsections F1 and G2 (volume 5) of monograph [8], discuss several other old prophecies, which are just about to fulfil themselves in not-too-distant future. For example they explore known facts about an old prophecy on the arrival of Second Jesus to Earth when the Euro currency is introduced in Europe. (This prophecy states that Second Jesus is to arrive on Earth like a thief, when the Roman Empire is revived. In turn this revival of Roman Empire was symbolically accomplished on 4 January 1999 through the introduction of common currency in Europe.) These subsections point also our attention at another (conditional) old prophecy stating that if Poles meet specific conditions then "spark is going to come out of Poland" - which seems to convey the message that the moral renewal of our civilization may be started in Poland. It is worth to take notice of these prophecies, as they tell us about events which inevitably are going to come, so we better are fully aware of their arrival. The castle in Malbork is a vivid proof that no matter how powerful something may look, it still is going to come down one day.

#C5. Let the sleeping "serpent" sleep - i.e. instead of rebuilding the old prophetic statue of Madonna, rather the fate of lands that it supervised should be symbolised with the design of a new statue:

Motto: "Prophecies are announcements and warnings from God Himself, only that purposely disseminated mouth-to-mouth by common people to not take away the free will of these ones who learn their massage."

       Around 2002, means approximately in times when, amongst others, I prepared this web page that describes the supernatural powers of the Malbork's Madonna, I had an extraordinary dream. I remember it clearly as later I was frequently thinking about the symbolic meaning of it. In this dream I found myself in my village by forest near the fire prevention pool which I described, amongst others, in item #C2 and in the caption under "Fig. #E1" from the web page about Wszewilki. In my dream the pool was entirely filled up with water, only that frozen and forming a solid lump of ice that occupied the whole volume of this pool. In this ice a huge serpent was imprisoned by ice and hibernating from the cold. This serpent had over 10 meters length and the diameter that exceeded the diameter of a human thigh. The serpent looked like these giant swimming snakes "anaconda" from South America. I was sorry that so beautiful creature is imprisoned by ice and hibernates almost lifeless. But I knew that the snake is alive, only that sleeping in the result of hypothermia. I also had an access to hot water from thermal source. So I poured a bit of hot water on the ice and was happy to watch how the ice gradually melted, releasing the serpent from imprisonment, and how under the influence of warmth the snake gradually returns to life. However, when the snake started to move and was partially free from the ice, it opened its powerful mouth and pounced at me with this part of its body which already was free. Fortunately, the part of it which still was imprisoned by the ice disallowed the success of this attack. At this moment I heard someone's authoritative voice - sounding like the voice of God Himself. The voice said to me: this experience is to demonstrate that in case of freeing a serpent and bringing it to life, one should be guided by knowledge and wisdom, not by sentiments - after all once the serpent is free and alive it will suffocate and devour not only the person which freed it, but also a lot of other innocent people. After hearing this authoritative voice and warning-command that it communicated to me, I unexpectedly wake up. Since that time I repetitively wonder what exactly this authoritative voice ordered me to do, against whom it was warning me, and what symbolises this "serpent" which then I almost freed and returned to life unwisely, fortunately I was warned on time.
       Only as late as in January 2008 I become aware that one incarnation of the "serpent" from my dream can be this ominous statue of Virgin Mary from the church in the Malbork Castle, which I described in previous items #C1 to #C6 of this web page. It was in January 2008 when I learned that a foundation was established in Malbork by some Polish citizens, which (the foundation) aims at accomplishing the goal that has the potential to bring a lot of evil to Poland and to the entire Europe - if this goal is implemented in an irresponsible manner. In spite of the ill-omened and anti-Polish prophecy attached to the statue from Malbork, and in spite that this prophecy once has already proven that it fulfils itself, Polish activists from this foundation intend to restore again this ominous statue erected by Teutonic Knights. The foundation calls itself the "Mater Dei", while the web page of it has the address Its intentions of restoring the ill-omened statue of the Virgin Mary from Malbork it announced at the web page that carries the address If this Polish foundation succeeds with implementing its intentions and restores the ill-omened statue of the Teutonic Virgin Mary from the niche of the castle's church in Malbork, then the prophetic power of this statue will also return to life. This in turn means that supernatural powers of the statue will create circumstances when on all lands that this statue supervises again the Polish language ceases and the Polish rules end, while the German language and German rules become restored. Also, according to the warning embedded in the old prophecy, the German language and German rules will prevail in there for as long as this statue erected by Teutonic Knights is to stand in its original position.
       When I learned about plans of this Polish foundation from Malbork, I started to panic. After all, I scientifically research supernatural. Thus I know that one should NOT tease nor ignore supernatural powers. Also many times I had the opportunity to watch how these supernatural powers work in practice. I know the effects of work of the Chinese feng shui as well (described below in item #H1), which is a tangible illustration how the appropriate use of symbols and supernatural powers influences fate of living people. After all, as this is explained in item #C1 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm, and also in item #D2 of the web page pigs.htm, the work of "feng shui" is based, amongst others, on the utilisation of execution powers locked in symbols. I am sure that e.g. these nations who know the action of "feng shui", e.g. Chinese, would never restore the hostile figure of Teutonic Madonna whose ill-omened powers have already proven their destructive capabilities so many times in past. Otherwise to "Poles who are clever only after the harm is done", such nations would know in advance that the restoration of this figure is going to cost Poland and Poles an entire ocean of spilled tears and blood. Thus I personally have no even a slightest doubt that if the anti-Polish statue of Malbork Madonna is restored by Poles to its original configuration, then this restoration is to restore also the supernatural power of the old prophecy attached to this statue which is so hostile towards Poles. Therefore, after the restoration of this statue, the Polish language is to diminish on the entire land that this statue supervises, means on the entire area of former East Prussia, and the German language starts to prevail in there. Also again old times of injustice and tears wept out because of constitutors of this statue, will return to the land. Again the present balance of forces in Europe will be disturbed and the current peace and the growing prosperity of the Europe will end. Also again, in order to get rid of this statue and to return the present order to things to this area, probably another war turns out to be necessary. All this makes too much to be at stake, to leave the decision regarding the restoration of this statue to just several activists from the Polish "Mater Dei" foundation (means in practice to leave this decision to these dark powers which for sure are going to manipulate the foundation). In so important matter a requirement should be imposed, that about the matter of restoration of this statue their saying have practically all people whose fate is going to be affected by it. Therefore in order to NOT become again "Poles wise only after the harm", I believe that the decision as to whether this post-Teutonic statue of Mother Mary is to be restored, should be taken only in a popular referendum that is carried out in this matter. In this referendum should have their say all people who live in the area of former East Prussia, the fate of which is to be affected by this prophetic statue.
       The logic tells me, that no matter how I warn people, sooner or later someone unwise will appear, who will try to restore this Teutonic Knight's statue of Virgin Mary from Malbork. Thus the only hope is, that at this time the society as a whole will display the "wisdom of the Pole before the harm" and so resolve the problem of this statue that for all involved the situation "win-will" is created (i.e. the situation agreeable with an old Polish saying that "the wolf is satisfied and the sheep remains alive"). How the solution for this problem should look-like, it is already indicated by findings of the philosophy of totalizm, by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and by our knowledge of principles of Chinese feng shui. So, if we consult the problem of the Malbork's statue with these findings, then these quite unambiguously tell us what in such a situation should be done. And so, it turns out that there are at least two "win-win" solutions to the problem of the Malbork's statue. The first and the most recommended solution proposed by totalizm and by feng shui would be to erect a cross with the figure of Jesus in the place of this statue of Virgin Mary. Such a cross on one hand would symbolise excellently the fate of land which Jesus would overlook from the cross. On the other hand Jesus would assume the healing energy of the former statue, without assuming on itself the prophecy that was attached to this statue. In addition, the erecting of the cross with Jesus in place of an old statue of Virgin Mary would symbolically reflect the new era that arrived to this land.
       Unfortunately, I am a realist and I know jolly well to what mischievous methods are capable of the dark powers which for sure are going to manipulate the "Mater Dei" foundation. After all, I fight for years with these powers. Also many times these dark powers demonstrated to me their methods of action - as an example see the totaliztic web page named memorial.htm. Therefore I am aware, that if one postulates the erection of a cross with Jesus on the place formerly occupied by the statue of Virgin Mary, then agents of these dark powers would unleash a powerful campaign saturated with accusations of superstition and ignorance, of a lack respect to historic accuracy, of an devaluation of cultural value of historic monuments, of a nationalism and lack of understanding of the spirit of united Europe, etc., etc. Therefore, much more realistic is the second suggestion of totalizm and feng shui as how to solve the problem of this figure without returning to it the former anti-Polish powers of the old prophecy. Namely, this suggestion proposes that instead of the restoration of old statue, rather a newly-designed statue of Virgin Mary with more current symbolism and orientation is erected on the place of the old one. In this new design of the statue, Virgin Mary would be shown in a side view, turned towards north, and standing under the cross, the sections of which would be visible at the edge of the niche. The face of Virgin Mary would be directed upwards (exactly towards the Northern Star) to Jesus that hangs on the cross from the edge of niche. After the new statue is designed in such a manner, the niche of church in Malbork would receive the statue that belongs to it. So history would fulfil itself. But the new statue would NOT take on itself the anti-Polish powers of the old prophecy, as the scene that it would symbolise would NOT correspond to the prophesised situation. After all, the new version of Virgin Mary would look upwards - not at the land which the old statue used to supervise. Furthermore, the new Mother Mary would symbolise the sorrow and penance, not the expansion and ruling power. So it would be right for the situation of present world. Finally, the design of new Mother Mary would originate from hearts and minds of Poles, thus it would be sympathetic to Poles (unless the new statue would be "possessed" by anti-Polish spirit of the old one - but then such a "possession" could easily be undone).
       In order to summarise the above explanations, neither myself, nor anyone who is to act on my behalf or on the behalf of totalizm, does NOT take stand against placing in niche of the castle's church in Malbork any religious statue, the symbolism and configuration of which would be appropriate to the present situation of the land on which this castle stands. It could even be the statue of Mother Mary under condition however that it would be redesigned for circumstances of present times, so that the face of it would be directed towards Jesus on a cross (and thus towards the Northern Star), while the symbolism of its position would represent the sorrow and penance. However, myself as well as all these who accept findings stemming from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, have the moral obligation to oppose actively against the restoration in the niche of the ill-omened and hostile towards Poles statue of Virgin Mary in the old symbolism and configuration. This is because the aggressive pose and symbolism of this Teutonic statue would restore supernatural powers which are expressed by the old prophecy attached to this statue. In turn the action of these powers with the elapse of time would destroy the present peaceful balance on the land that this statue supervises, and in the result it would destroy also the peace and prosperity of the entire Europe. (The above warning was prepared in Petone, New Zealand, on 14th January 2008.)
       In reference to the situation described above, I have an appeal to readers of this information. Namely, if in capabilities of the reader the possibility lies to influence these unwise Poles who tease powers beyond their understanding and insist on the returning to life "the sleeping serpent" through the restoration of the Teutonic's Madonna from the Malbork's church, then the reader should use his or her influences. This is because we should NOT restore such prophetic statue without carrying out a referendum amongst people the fate of which is to be affected by supernatural powers of this statue. In turn when the referendum confirms that the statue should be erected, then instead of restoring the old Teutonic form of it, a new statue should be designed by a known Polish artist so that the ability to act destructively is stripped out from it. The new statue should have the symbolism that is appropriate to present situation of lands on which it is to stand.
       I should add here, that the above descriptions were prepared in the middle of January 2008, i.e. soon after the foundation "Mater Dei" was established by Poles and started vigorous work on the restoration of the Madonna figure from Malbork. Unfortunately, my warnings were NOT taken under consideration and by now the figure of Madonna is gradually being restored in its previous Teutonic symbolism. Thus, the only thing that remains for us is to unavoidably notice what the long-term consequences of this restoration are going to be. After all, anti-Polish powers of the old prophecy are already gradually returning and now silently begin to work in Malbork.

#C6. As works progress on rebuilding the ill-omened figure from Malbork, its anti-Polish activities already are increasing:

       Quite a shocking matter which moved me quite noticeably, is that as work progresses on the rebuilding this ill-omened figure of Teutonic Knights, its anti-Polish activities grow fast already now. For example, in February 2010 my attention was brought to numerous court verdicts in Poland, which amongst others ordered Poles that live in areas supervised by this ill-omened figure, to return their houses and land to previous German owners. An example of the Polish article on that subject, in February 2010 was accessible in Internet, amongst others, at the address,720,1,kioskart.html.

#C7. The ignored protest of mine regarding the provocative article in the newspaper "Dziennik Malborski" about the restoration of idol of the Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis known from its hostility towards Polish people - meaning we supposed to live in the "freedom of speech era", but obviously "Poland still practices censorship":

Motto: "In the world where nothing happens by a random chance or coincidence, (i.e. the world in which we live - see items #B1 and #B3 from the web page changelings.htm), every harm is proceeded by a warning. Thus, only that person may become 'a Polak wise after a harm' which ignores all warnings received, because of his/her carelessness, stubbornness, arrogance, etc."

       Malbork has its own local newspaper. It is called "Dziennik Malborski" (i.e. "The Daily of Malbork". In 2012 and 2013 from its website available at the address one even could read some amongst the articles from this newspaper - although this provocative article [1#C7] about which I am writing here, probably deliberately was NOT published in there. On the other hand, in January 2013 the communication with its editorial staff could be obtained either by mail through the address Dziennik Malborski, ul. Kościuszki 5A, 82-200 Malbork, Poland, or via email by writing to: the Editor:, the Journalist:, or the Reporter:
       Of course, as befits a local newspaper of Malbork, probably it published various articles on how to restore the idol of Madonna of the Teutonic Knights and Nazis from the castle in Malbork, which is historically known from its hostility towards Polish people and Poland. Unfortunately, living on the opposite side of the globe, I really have NOT been able to find and to read such articles. The only article, the content of which so-far I was able to get to know, bore the title [1#C7]: "Coraz bliżej powrotu figury Matki Boskiej" (i.e. "Getting closer to the return of figure of God's Mother"). It appeared on page 8 of that newspaper "Dziennik Malborski", issue dated on 2nd November 2012. In this article [1#C7], the foundation "Mater Dei" with an enthusiasm informed readers about rather a provocative fact, that the restoration of the statue of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from the castle in Malbork is close. Since the establishment of "Mater Dei" foundation in 2007, it had already gathered 273 000 units of Polish currency - mostly from grants of tourists (probably in understanding: "from foreigners"). In turn the cost of rebuilding of this Madonna is estimated at 1 to 2 million. This means that the restoration of the idol of this hostile Madonna (towards Polish people) is already close to entering into an implementation stage.
       I was totally stunned by the enthusiasm of this provocative article [1#C7]. After all, today I'm probably the only scientist in the world, who scientifically and objectively researches methods which God really uses in His actions - for some amongst results of my research see e.g. item #G1 from my web page named will.htm, item #C3 from my web page named immortality.htm, item #B1 from my web page named changelings.htm, or item #G3 from my web page named god_proof.htm. In turn my research clearly reveals that a large group of these methods of God's acting focuses on persuading to people that they voluntary obey the demands and commandments of their creator. But in order to teach this voluntary obedience, all these methods boil down to giving somehow know to people of what God requires of them and what He orders to them, and to the next severe punishment of those people and those nations which violate these precepts. Only that in order to NOT deprive people of their so-called "free will", this severe punishment is carried out in such an ambiguous, camouflaged and difficult to clear interpretation way, that we first need to be sure of the existence of God, to be able to note these punishments (as this is explained in more detail e.g. in item #C2 from my web page named tornado.htm). Because of this camouflage, only those cases of punishing become known to the most of people, which God has revealed to us for examples - e.g. consider the fate of the Biblical Eve (which broke the divine command to NOT eat the paradise apple). About the fact, that every day we are also witnessing many other cases of similarly severe divine punishments, people could learn only if the science officially funded from our taxes carried out for this a factual and objective research - means the research that is similar to my private searches for the truth, the results of which I presented e.g. in items #I3 to #I5 from the web page named petone.htm. Unfortunately, our openly acting against God official "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the science, to descriptions of which I am referring the reader in item #A1 from this web page) does NOT want to carry out such research. (This is why is true my previous statement, that as now I am probably the only scientist in the world who objectively and scientifically researches the methods of God's actions.) Therefore, as so far, probably only some amongst us may ask themselves a question, whether e.g. the today's economic depression in the European Union's single market, is by any chance a result of the active breaking by that economic organization of a series of divine precepts, including the principle to NOT waste the food, and thus e.g. to NOT organise festivals of throwing tomatoes or oranges at each other, to NOT pay e.g. farmers for abandoning harvesting their fields and increasing the fallow lands, to NOT kill bulls just in order to entertain mobs, etc., etc. (about some other consequences of such violation of the divine precept to respect food and to NOT waste it, which consequences I have watched for the past few years, I have written in item #D5 from my web page named fruit.htm). Also only these most religious amongst watchers of television news probably ask themselves a question, whether e.g. these destructive "weather anomalies" from England and America, are NOT just the result of a "global warming", but may stem from the chance that these countries have broken a whole range of God's precepts, e.g. the one about NOT practicing the homosexuality. Similarly, probably only the most religious Australians, may sometime ask themselves a question, whether e.g. these devastating hurricanes, floods, and fires, which for several years repetitively plague Australia, are by any chance a result of increasingly common breaking of a number of various divine injunctions, e.g. ones relating to "desires". Etc., etc.
       There is no a secret, that there is also a divine order for the Polish nation, to NOT rebuilt this symbol of aggression, occupation, oppression, injustice, injustice, immorality, etc., which is the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from the Malbork castle. After all, this order God has passed to our knowledge in a number of different ways - amongst others through making the stern warnings described in item #C1 above. So when I read the abovementioned article [1#C7] I literally started to panic. I have long been aware though, that a breach of this divine order through the restoration almost in the middle of Poland of the symbol of aggression and oppression in the form of idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights which already in the course of history let to know about itself, that is capable of supernatural activities, which was famous for its anti-Polish deeds and hostilities towards Polish people, and to which is attached an ominous prophecy which has already proven that it is fulfilling, would be a kind of national suicide. Hence, all the Poles are obliged to protest and to prevent the restoration of this idol.
       Such suicidal consequences of the rebuilding of idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights was also discreetly confirmed by God directly to me. After all, only due to God's ability to synchronize time of related events, such as the ability described in item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm, only God was able to cause, that in a short time after I read the abovementioned article [1#C7] and after I posted to the editorial staff of the "Dziennik Malborski" my official protest regarding the rebuilding of the Malbork's idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights, in the New Zealand newspaper that I typically read, was published a warning article [2#C7] entitled "Knights successors head back into battle" (see page B4 from the newspaper The Dominion Post, issue from Tuesday, February 12, 2013). In this article is described how today's heirs of the medieval Teutonic Knights now keep wining in Europe one lawsuit after another, for paying to them compensations by countries that took the former lands of Teutonic Knights and for returning to them the castles of Teutonic Knights seized by these countries. Already they have obtained in this way compensations for damages, and castles, from Austria, Slovenia, and the most recently from the Czech Republic - about which the Czechs particularly deplore because the castle of Teutonic Knights called the "Bouzov Castle", so-far was for Czechs a significant source of revenue from tourism. So it is easy to predict, that one amongst the first steps of today's descendants of the Teutonic Knights, which is to be taken after the rebuild by Poland of the idol of Malbork's Madonna, will be a lawsuit to firstly pay by Poland for the castle in Malbork, and later probably also for the whole land of the former East Prussia. (I do NOT need to explain here what then happens to the Polish population now living in Malbork, and in former East Prussia - us the history illustrated to us that the former national characteristics of Teutonic Knights do not change.) Thus, as "a Polak who does NOT want to be wise only after the harm" I decided to respond to the article [1#C7] in a manner that was in my (rather modest) capabilities. This item explains with what and how I responded then.
       Some time since I managed to read the content of this provocative article [1#C7], after considering various possible ways of my reaction, and after careful thinking over this matter, I come to a conclusion that the most effective form of my response would probably be if I prepare a written "protest" and post it to the editorial staff from the "Dziennik Malborski" with my polite request to publish it. So I wrote down the arguments of his "protest", quoted below, and on 17 January 2013, I posted it by e-mail to each member of the editorial staff from the "Dziennik Malborski" known to me - of course, together with my written request, that on the basis of the democratic right to express my opinion, I would like this my "protest" is published by them. Unfortunately, the rest of January 2013 has passed, then passed the whole of February and March, so that now we already have April, while the editorial staff of the "Dziennik Malborski" has NOT even bothered to answer me regarding this my official protest. As we can see, the endangering of my life and the future, when as an active member of the Solidarity I fought for the "freedom of speech", was only the beginning of a series of "lost causes" of my life. That complete ignoring of my official protest, can be interpreted as empirical evidence that, as Poland stood by censorship under communism, by censorship is also standing at present. This is why it is difficult to see a politically significant difference between the complete ignoring of my official protest by the editorial staff of the "Dziennik Malborski", and e.g. such action from the communist era as the one described in item #E5 from my web page named rok_uk.htm. I can write hundreds of protests, and endlessly appeal to the reasoning of "Polaks" (i.e. Polish nationals), while Polaks still are to remain proverbially "wise only after the harm", and none of my protests and appeals is to be taken seriously. So the only other form of reaction to that ignoring of my protest described here, that still remains open for me, is to publish on this web page this my official letter of protest, which on 17th January 2013 I posted to the editorial staff of the "Dziennik Malborski", together with my polite request to publish it. Here is my rough translation into English of this my letter of protest (originally prepared in Polish) that was ignored by the editorial staff of the "Dziennik Malborski" - hopefully my translation gives to the reader some idea about kinds of objections which I wanted to raise regarding the controversial restoration of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights:


It somehow happened that I personally went through a lot of bad experiences served to me by the hostile towards "Polaks" idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork. Thus, on my own skin I experienced how much evil and suffering can induce its use of supernatural powers prejudiced towards Polish nationals, and how evil and perverse can be ways in which it harms Polaks. These my own bad experiences, as well as examples of harm to other Polish nationals, I already described thoroughly, and even supported with historical examples, on my web page [1] named "malbork_uk.htm" - which every reader can view, for example, at addresses or After experiencing this suffering, it becomes clear to me, that as a Polak who despite of the well-known Polish proverb, "does NOT want to be wise only after a harm" (in the Polish language this old Polish proverb states "Polak zawsze jest mądry dopiero po szkodzie"), I have a moral obligation to oppose and protest against the intentions of restoring the idol of this hostile towards Polish nationals, Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, in its original symbolism of Teutonic Knights and in Nazi personality. Explanations which I am presenting below originate from this my duty of protesting as a "Polak before a harm".

To the preparation of this protest prompted me the article [2] entitled "Coraz bliżej powrotu figury Matki Boskiej" (i.e. "Getting closer to return of the figure of God's Mother"), from page 8 of issue of your newspaper "Dziennik Malborski", dated on 2nd November 2012, which article enthusiastically praises the Malbork's foundation "Mater Dei" for the completing of an initial phase of the restoration of idol of this hostile towards Polaks Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis. This is because my personal experience and research clearly documents that this Madonna should never be restored to the existence in the old symbolism, configuration and personality of Teutonic Knights, and as the carrier of Nazi traditions, but rather in its place should be erected a new symbol of Polish identity and faith, such as the cross without a figure (i.e. devoid of any "idol"), or a new statue of the Madonna with already the Polish symbolism, artistic meaning, configuration, and tradition - as such a new symbol would be more appropriate to the actual situation of the world today. I do NOT intend to conceal, that is known to me a lot of reasons, including the ominous prophecy, all of which clearly indicate that "it takes the Polaks wise only after a harm", who with their own hands would rebuild the idol hostile towards them and having confirmed supernatural powers, which cost their ancestors an ocean of tears, injustice and bloodshed. So although I can understand that the city which earns for living due to "antique lovers", the restoration of this idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights may seem, as the English people would say, "second best thing after introducing a sliced bread", I would like to remind here, that in our physical world nothing is only "good" or only "bad", and all things bring both, beneficial as well as detrimental consequences. Unfortunately, in the case of restoration of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights in her old symbolism and in Nazi traditions, the painful, risky, and harmful for Malbork and for Poland consequences of it, far outweigh anything good that may come out from that idol. On the other hand, if this Teutonic symbol has been redesigned and built to have the new (Polish) symbolism and tradition, then it would bring to Malbork all the benefits that may stem from the old idol of Teutonic Knights, and in addition it would introduce no risks and dangers linked to the restoration of the symbol of Teutonic Knights and Nazi followers. After all, the vast majority of people visiting Malbork neither know how the medieval idol of Madonna from Malbork really looked like, nor it makes any difference for them whether they ever learn that old look. Fortunately for us, we now live in a democratic world - and even in Poland, everyone should have the right to express his or her views and opinions (although, as so far, I have not seen that someone was officially allowed a public expression of objections towards that symbol of Teutonic Knights). Thus, herewith, I am exercising this right and I express my open "protest" against the rebuilding of this idol in its old symbolism of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, and with its already proven supernatural powers. Simultaneously I explain it here what premises and experience make me to protest in this matter.

Here is a numbered list of my reservations (to facilitate thinking about them), regarding the rebuild of the "idol of Malbork's Madonna" in its old symbolism of Teutonic Knights and in Nazi traditions:

- 0. The Bible in several places clearly prohibits building idols to which people would pray and devote religious worship - which fact I supported with many quotations in item #D1 from abovementioned web page [1] named "malbork_uk.htm". For example, the verse 20:3-5 from the Biblical "Exodus" says, quote: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me You shall not make an idol, or any picture of what is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth Thou shalt not worship them nor serve them: for I the Lord your God, am a jealous God ... ". Meanwhile, the restored statue of Teutonic Madonna is to create just such an "idol" ("picture"). After the rebuild of it is completed, a lot of people will come who will "bow" to this "idol" ("picture"). So the restoration of it in Malbork is to oppose the precepts of the Bible. In turn, for every action, which is to oppose the precepts of the Bible, later comes to the perpetrators a hefty "bill to pay" - as, on the real-life example of St. Andrew Bobola, I am reminding this in item #D1 from the abovementioned web page "malbork_uk.htm". Thus, according to the saying "do not have a kicking match with a horse", a "kick" directed at words of God contained in the Bible, due to the rebuilding of this idol, some days in the future probably will be returned to inhabitants of Malbork with a significant "vengeance". After all, how such a "kicking match with God" may finish for Malbork, is illustrated on an example of actual events, amongst others, in item #G2 from the web page [3]

- 1. Even only the correct naming of this idol of Teutonic Knights already induces bad reactions. It so happens, that each object-name from our physical world, refers not only to this object, but also stimulates the feelings resulting from previous roles of this object. Therefore, some amongst these names stir up definitely bad feelings - for example consider names "mass murderer", "invader", "guillotine", "concentration camp", etc. Among other things, this is why, if we are talking about a material statue or image of God's Mother, then we always qualify precisely which exactly statue we mean - for example, "Our Lady of Fatima", "Black Madonna from Częstochowa", etc. After all, the use of only the name "God's Mother", without the required qualifier, does NOT refer to anything physical that would still exist in our times, but only directs the thoughts and feelings of the listener to a special soul residing in heaven. However, if one wants to give enough precise name to the statue of Teutonic Knights' Madonna planned to be rebuild by the Mater Dei foundation, so that this name distinguishes the given figure from all other statues of God's Mother that exist in the world, then it is necessary to emphasize its origin through the use of names of the kind "idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from Malbork". After all, the use of other names is NOT sufficient (e.g. the name "Our Lady of Malbork" still does NOT explain which figure from Malbork is just described, and thus it would direct the thoughts and feelings to all such figures which exist in Malbork). However, the use of a completely accurate name, like the "idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from Malbork" immediately stimulates in the listener very bad associations. After all, this particular idol of Madonna is responsible for an ocean of human injustice, wars, battles, bloodshed, deaths, etc. - what burdens it with a huge baggage of historical evil. It is difficult to imagine that the members of the Mater Dei foundation do NOT know about these facts. In this situation may intrigue us the question, why both, in the abovementioned article [2], as well as on the website of that foundation, instead of using a precise and complete name for this idol of Teutonic Knights, improperly is used a deceptive for readers, short name of "God's Mother" - which in the majority of Polish citizens automatically induces a feeling of admiration for the mother of Jesus which represents a model of maternal perfection and goodness? Is this avoidance of the use of a full and correct name deliberate, or it stems just from the ignorance? In addition, how to NOT oppose the rebuilding of this idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, which cannot even be called accurately and correctly, because in the listeners it immediately induces very bad associations?

- 2. To the "idol" from Malbork is attached the ominous prophecy stating that "for as long as the statue stands in its place, the land that it overlooks will remain under the German control and only the German language will sound in it". This prophecy proved itself true beyond any doubt in the course of history, and for sure it has the power to fulfil itself again (several cases of this fulfilment I described and reminded to the readers in the abovementioned my web page [1] about Malbork - which is named "malbork_uk.htm"). Although right now the "political correctness" commands us to "turn a blind eye" to the deviations of the past, from the past experience we perfectly remember, that politics is constantly changing, and what today may seem appropriate, already in a few years of time prove to be a source of tension, hostility, tears and human suffering. In turn, when the old idol of Teutonic Knights with supernatural powers is once constructed, it may then be necessary a next world-war to re-remove it from its pedestal.

- 3. This idol in the past was famous from supernatural powers, the products of which always turned out to be unfavourable for Poland and for Polish people. The future prayers of tourists and faithful certainly are to give a similar supernatural powers to the rebuild idol of Teutonic Knights. After all, if this idol is rebuild, people will flock to pray to it. Thus, it would be much better for the Polish nationals, if in the place of the old idol, a completely new symbol was build with a different history and with a personality favourable towards Polaks. It is not an example of wisdom, if with their own hands the Polish people restore the hostile towards them idol of Teutonic Knights with historically proven supernatural powers.

- 4. Supernatural powers possessed by this figure of Madonna make it an "idol" (also called "picture", "statue", "fetish", etc.), praying to which the Bible expressly forbids (for an example see the biblical quotation above from my reservation number "0"). After all, its powers do NOT come from God, but from the energy absorbed by it from people that are praying to it. As such, the idol of Teutonic Knights is NOT different from other idols that exist in the world, which also document to have supernatural powers coming from the energy of people praying to them. For example, is NOT different from idols named "Datuk" in Malaysia, from "totem poles" in Borneo, or from "guardians" of the old Korea - all of which are described in items #D2 and #D3 from the indicated in [1] web page named "malbork_uk.htm". After all, this "idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights and Nazis from Malbork" received the "personality of Teutonic Knights and Nazis", because in the past it was saturated with all the physical vices, imperfections, characters, customs, methods, goals, etc., of its Teutonic Knights and Nazi faithful, who in past prayed to it. So if again it is restored to the existence, it will continue to implement its supernatural actions that are compatible with its personality of Teutonic Knights and Nazis.

- 5. That idol of Teutonic Knights used to also be a Nazi symbol of Germanness of the lands supervised by it. Thus, it is easy to predict, that after the rebuild, it probably will attract to Malbork like a magnet all sorts of "elements unwelcome in that town". After all, today's world is full of various nationalists, neo-Nazis, separatists, terrorists, hooligans, and other groups and individuals, who are just waiting for an opportunity or excuse to induce all kinds of troubles and unrests. In turn, after attracting these elements to the Polish Malbork, almost certainly, they will initiate all kinds of trouble and unrest, burn and vandalise cars, private properties, public buildings, attack and smash windows of businesses and offices, etc., etc. As a result, these elements are to bring to the town a whole range of problems, and from the present peaceful town, Malbork will turn into a kind of battlefield.

- 6. In a democratic society, the undertaking a rebuild of anything, especially something so controversial as that idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights soaked in Nazi traditions, should always be based on an analysis of all the benefits and losses - which analysis should be made available to the public scrutiny. Also always the decision to carry out such a restoration should be taken only in case if this analysis shows undoubtedly that the benefits are to exceed the harms. Unfortunately, I never came across any mention, that such an analysis was carried out by anyone. Meanwhile, if one considers thoroughly this matter, the rebuilding of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, practically is NOT to bring any concrete benefits that could be measured or estimated, but instead it may result in significant damages in the future.

- 7. Those who hope that the rebuilding of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights increases profits for the inhabitants of the Malbork town, or increases a number of tourists, can really be disappointed. After all, the funds collected for the restoration of this idol of Teutonic Knights will end up on the accounts of some foreign "experts" and will NOT help any unemployed inhabitants of Malbork to earn for a living. This is because only if in the castle's niche was exhibited a brand new (Polish) symbol, then it would be possible to entrust the construction of it to Polish artists and businesses. In addition, the riots and the problems which this Madonna is to cause in Malbork, will cost the town increasingly more and more losses and gradually will scare all self-respecting tourists. So instead of generating income and attracting tourists, this idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights will attract the elements that typically do damage and that no town wants be visited by them.

- 8. The "Mater Dei" foundation has started the rebuild of the Malbork's idol in a way, that can be called self-usurped and dictatorial. On the other hand, in such an important and controversial issue, which may with all its consequences affect several millions of people and a large proportion of the territory of today's Poland, the decision to rebuild should be made democratically, after giving an opportunity in the public referendum to everyone who will be affected by the consequences of the reconstruction of this idol, to say whether he or she is "for" or "against" the rebuild. After all, it is almost sure that the local population is firmly opposed to this reconstruction, only that so far no-one allows it to speak. About the lack of popular support from the people of Malbork and the vicinity of it, indirectly admits even the "Mater Dei" foundation in the article [2] discussed here. This is because it states in there, that the source of grants for the reconstruction of the idol of that Madonna of Teutonic Knights are mostly tourists (i.e. probably foreigners). So in fact, without the firstly carrying out a public referendum on the subject, the self-proclaimed and forced upon people rebuilding of the idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, is a kind of social violence and of imposing a decision, which is illegal and against the principles of democracy. As such, it should be immediately halted.

- 9. In the present time, when a rebuilding is carried out on something from the past that have completely disappeared, always this should be done in a reasonable compromise between the past and the needs of the presence. For example, in the reconstruction of the old town of any city, NEVER the rebuilt homes are supplied in ancient toilets in the form of a backyard "long drops" or a hole dug in the ground, and always added to them are bathrooms that formerly did not exist in them. But the Mater Dei foundation insists on rebuilding the idol of Teutonic Knights exactly in its medieval symbolism and form, i.e. completely without consideration to the requirements that the present times impose onto its reconstruction. If one thinks in these terms of an absolute medieval authenticity, he or she should also request to remove from Malbork all modern toilets, and demand that in line with the medieval customs townspeople and tourists emptied themselves in the "medieval style" - that is, for example, directly to the Nogat river.

- 10. When such an important and controversial decision on reconstruction is taken, it should be based on consideration of "for" and "against" in at least three different proposals. For example, it should at least consider the "for" and "against" (1) restoring the original idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights, (2) the erecting in its place a brand new figure designed by Polish artists, such as e.g. the figure of "Our Lady the Queen of Poland", with a drastically different symbolism and configuration, or (3) inserting in there a religious symbol that appeals to all of today's religions, because it would have been deprived of the so-criticized in Catholicism likeness of any "idol" - for example, erecting in there a simple cross devoid of any figure. However, I never came across such an analysis of at least three proposals.

- 11. The idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights was in the past the source of much suffering, the human harm and tears shed. In turn, the Chinese knowledge about the so-called "feng shui" prohibits possession in the place where one lives any objects that were once a source of evil. The old traditional Polish knowledge also claimed the same and, for example, it ordered to bury in the ground executioner's axe which has already cut 1 000, or more, human heads - because it could chop off just by itself the head of a nearby person. Empirical experience from the past reveal that the energy accumulated in such objects can still harass, torment and disturb in the supernatural manner the peace of the people staying and living in the vicinity of such objects.

- 12. The bad past belongs to the past, and its restoration to existence would make sense only if it helped in our present. But all the facts indicate that the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, if it is ever rebuilt, will definitely disturb the present, instead of helping it.

As I firmly believe, the above expression of the opposition and protest in the matter of rebuilding the idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, I am presenting NOT only on my own behalf, but also on the behalf of a significant number of other Polish nationals who had been forced to remain silent because they were NOT given the chance to safely reveal their opinions (and are too scared retaliation to open their mouths). As I also believe, this objection and protest about the reconstruction of the idol of Teutonic Knights and Nazis, does NOT mean, that similar objections would appear, if in the niche of the castle from Malbork was built some other religious symbol, e.g. a cross without the idol, or a figure of Our Lady the Queen of Poland - provided, however, that the symbolism, configuration, meaning and tradition of this new symbol would be completely different from the symbolism, configuration, poses, meaning and tradition of the idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights - as is already thoroughly explained in item #C5 from my web page [1] named "malbork_uk.htm" (available, among others, also at the address So if the "Mater Dei" foundation chooses to "design differently (in the Polish style)" the symbol planned to be erected, then - after giving to everyone the opportunity to verify that the actual design of this new symbol, through its different configuration, pose, content, tradition, place of the origin, etc., is bringing all the hallmarks of newness and Polishnness, then the idea of its implementing probably is to receive the full support and cooperation from every Polish national, including myself.

Jan Pająk
17 January 2013.

       At the end of this item I would like to add that if the arguments that I quoted here are close to the reader's heart, and thus if you share my views, you should not remain passive towards this matter. In today's world of internet and emails, you have a possibility to also put into the written form your own "protests" and then send them (e.g. anonymously - if you are scared retaliation) to decision-makers and journalists who have some influence onto what happens in this matter. The required addresses of authorities and the press can be found on the internet (some of them I even quoted at the beginning of this item). So "do NOT sit on your own hands" and do NOT wait passively until you feel on your own skin the hard consequences of coming true the old prophecy on the hostile towards Poland and Poles idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from the Malbork castle, but do act already now towards the halting of this idol of Madonna from being returned to the position from which it was prevailing in past.

Part #D: What really is that idol of Madonna of Teutonic Knights:


#D1. Notice that the Bible clearly forbids to worship religiously any figures, paintings, or anything different than God Himself:

       Every official religion has two components. The first of these two is given to people directly by God. In case of the Christian religion this component given to people by God is thoroughly described by content of the Bible. In turn in case of other religions, the manner it was given to people is explained in item #D1 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm. The second component of every religion is composed of various "additions" introduced to it by imperfect people who rule over that religion. Best examples of such "additions" introduced by imperfect people to the Roman-Catholic church, are so-called "Cult of Mary", and also referring to supernatural capabilities of figures, paintings, and remains of various saints.
       God very clearly expressed in the Bible a commandment regarding cults and offerings to various figures, paintings, reliquaries, etc. In many places the Bible emphasizes - e.g. see the "Book of Exodus" 20:3-5, quote: "Worship no god but me. Do not make for yourself images of anything in heaven or on earth or in the water under the earth. Do not bow down to any idol or worship it, because I am the Lord your God and I tolerate no rivals." The Bible do NOT state clearly in any place, that there is any exception from that rule. Thus the "Cult of Mary" and also praying to figures, paintings, and reliquaries of saints, so common in the Roman-Catholic church, in fact do NOT seem to differ from the forbidden by the Bible praying to idols, deities, gods, calves, etc. And we need to remember, that if the Bible forbids something, there must exist for this vital reasons and it does not lie in power of people to remove or to ignore such commandments.
       The Bible strongly emphasizes the ban on worshiping religiously anything but the only God. In several places of the Bible is even indicated, that such worshiping is to be punished. For example, the "Book of Exodus" states in the verse 22:20, quote: "Condemns to death anyone who offers sacrifices to any god except to me, the Lord." In turn the "Book of Wisdom" states in the verse 14:30, quote: "But the punishment will come to them for one and for other, that they thought bad about God, sticking to their idols..." What even more important, that warned punishment is really served in everyday life with an iron consequence. For example, in item #D5 of the web page named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm the fate of Saint Andrea Bobola is summarised. He is widely known as one amongst the leading devotees to the "Cult of Mary". After all, it was him that caused Mother Mary to be crowned to the honour of the "Queen of Poland". Of course, if anyone crowned any woman to the honour of Queen of Poland, then even the least grateful such a woman would still flood him with good wishes and would allow him to spend the rest of life in comfort and wealth. So what proofs of supernatural gratefulness received Andrea Bobola for such obvious extending and reinforcing the Cult of Mary. Well, he was publicly stripped of skin and rewarded with a slow death of a martyr.

Fig. #D1. Holy tree DATUK.
Fig. #D1: One amongst the "holy" trees of Malaysia locally called "Datuk". The title "Datuk" in Malaysia means approximately the same as the English "Your Eminence". Thus apart from top country officials, this title is also assigned in there to various objects, for example to trees, stones, meteorites, water sources, etc., about which it is known that they are inhabited by local spiritual beings (e.g. by a local soul or a demon) with supernatural powers. They are clearly distinguished from the true God. These "Datuk" can be recognised by small red shrines in which typically is contained a miniature figurine of that local "deity called Datuk" which lives in a given object (this bearded figurine we can see on the above photograph in front of the back wall of the shrine), and to which "offerings" are put designated to that deity. To these objects sometimes local people successfully pray, similarly like Christians pray to figures of Mother Mary and to holy paintings. Objects "Datuk" sometimes reciprocate this praying by performing miracles, similarly as holy paintings do it in Europe. (Click on the above photograph if you wish to see it enlarged.)
       The objects called "Datuk" are inhabited by individual souls or demons, which "usurped" for themselves the area from the vicinity of their abode and which let know everyone about their existence through various supernatural acts which these souls or demons are manifesting to local people. Many amongst such demons has animal nature and are highly vindictive and mischievous. Therefore more to pacify them then to honour them, local people give offerings to them in cases when the source of income could be endangered by the vindictiveness of such local "Datuk", or when people intend to do something what can be stopped or obstructed by a hostility of such a soul or demon. For example, in Malaysia no construction site is initiated, without the continuous offerings and celebrations for the local "Datuk" which patrols the area on which this site lies. (Entire generations of builders experienced empirically in there, that without pacifying a local "Datuk" with offerings, the construction site becomes typically an area of frequent accidents, equipment tends to fail, expensive mistakes are being made, weather becomes hostile, while the construction sometimes is interrupted for the lack of funds before the building is completed.) In the result, similarly like in catholic countries everywhere one can see figures of Mary, in Malaysia everywhere hits our eyes these small red shrines of local deities called "Datuk". (The above photograph is also shown and described as "Fig. #G9" from the web page ufo.htm.)
       During may professorship in Malaysia (from 1993 to 1998), quite famous was a tree "Datuk" from the vicinity of Ipoh, which (the tree) was an object of cult of a local tribe, and was a destination of numerous prayers. But this tree stood on the path of a highway that was build through this area. Every worker that approached this tree with a chainsaw, fall down covered in blood, as if the tree was able to do to people exactly what people intended to do to it. Only when local "Bomoh" ceremonially shifted the deity which lived in that tree to a completely different tree, the tree could be cut down.
       It is worth to add, that in pagan times Slavs used to pray to "holy oaks" in which the pagan deity (god) called "Piorun" used to live. With the elapse of time powers of these holy oaks become similar to powers of Datuk trees in Malaysia. One amongst such Slavonic holy trees until around 1990 used to grow not far from my native village Wszewilki. It is described on the web page about that village.

#D2. "Supernatural" does NOT need to originate from God, while "supernatural acts" of creatures less perfect than God can cause more evil than good:

Motto: "Bushmen from jungles who never were in a city and never saw e.g. work of electricity, are not at all more close-minded or have less knowledge about the universe and life, than e.g. scientists who entire their lives spend on arm-chairs in front of computer screens and never were in a jungle nor saw e.g. work of magic."

       We know jolly well, that NOT everything called "supernatural" originates from God. After all, for example in many countries of the world, especially from the area of tropics, until today is practiced the so-called "black magic" or "voodoo", the source of which are appropriately trained "shamans" and "bomoh". It is also known that many inanimate objects, which become subjects of religious worship of local people, with the elapse of time acquires "supernatural powers" becoming capable of acts which contradict to known laws of physics. Their examples include trees and stones called "Datuk" from Malaysia (see their example on "Fig. #D1"), totem poles from Borneo (see their examples on "Fig. #D2" below), wooden "guardians" from villages of Korea (see their examples shown in "Fig. #D3" below), the stone from Atiamuri in New Zealand (see a photograph of it on "Fig. #D1" from the web page newzealand.htm), and a number of other objects.
       The source of these supernatural powers and kinetic capabilities in inanimate objects, is a special kind of intelligent energy which the philosophy of totalizm calls the "moral energy". (The same intelligent energy is utilised e.g. by the "kung-fu" practitioners for accomplishing kinetic effects that contradict known laws of physics - they call "chi" this energy.) Such "moral energy" is transferred by people to inanimate objects during all activities which induce a high level of feelings - e.g. during prayers. Then any "spirit" which resides in such inanimate objects, is able to utilise this energy to complete intended kinetic actions. It is because of this emotional saturation of inanimate objects with such energy, that for example medieval execution axes were buried after they chopped off 1000 human heads. The reason was that by then such axes were so saturated with "moral energy" that they were able just by themselves to chop off the head of the executioner who owned them. (More information about the tradition to burry medieval execution axes when they cut off 1000 human heads, is provided in subsection JA2.4 from volume 6 of monograph [1/5].) It is also because of the same energy accumulated in old weapons, that sometimes we can hear about brutal deaths in mysterious circumstances the victims of which are collectors of old weapons.
       Similarly like in tropical countries the prayers of people provide supernatural powers to local trees, stones, totem poles, fetishes, idols, etc., also prayers of Catholics to figures of Mother Mary, to holy paintings, and to reliquaries, also give supernatural powers to these objects. This power later is at disposal of spiritual beings that inhabit given objects. Thus the problem which appears, is that these supernatural powers acquired by such objects, can be abused by such spiritual beings that inhabit these objects - frequently for the destruction of people whom somehow fell out of favour of these beings.

Fig. #D2. Totem poles from Borneo
Fig. #D2: Totem poles from the tropical Island of Borneo. Typically they are hollow inside, while in past these hollow areas were inserted with bodies of dead people. Local people pray to these totems until today. The poles display supernatural capabilities - typically detrimental for these people who somehow offended them. For example, I get to know about such a totem pole from the tribe of Bidayuh in Borneo, which (the pole) disliked to be photographed. This pole almost killed a German tourist who disbelieving in warnings of local people still took a photograph of it - for more details on the subject of it see subsections I5.7 from volume 5 and JB3.2 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5]. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       I aw similar totem poles during my professorship in Borneo. But knowing that they do NOT like to be photographed, I never had the courage to take their photographs. The above photograph I took in museum in Kuala Lumpur, where two such totem poles were brought from Borneo and exhibited for a public view. As exhibits in the museum these two poles got used to be photographed and do NOT make harm to these people who take photos of them.

#D3. Most clearly there is such a thing as a "vindictive" and "bad" figure of Mother Mary, while the hostile towards Poles figure of Teutonic Knights from Malbork if a good evidence for it:

       If something is done for us by God Himself, then in His actions God takes under consideration the general plan which He has for a given person and for his or her role in the entire universe, the good of this person, its spiritual development, physical wellbeing, etc. Although, similarly like a wise father or a good dentist, God sometimes for our own good is forced to serve to us a bit of pain, everything that we receive from God generally serves to our good. But if something is done for us by objects (e.g. by figures, paintings, reliquaries, etc.) which in the result of our prayers acquired supernatural powers, then it is deprived the far-sightedness and vision of God. So even if it temporally looks as "good", with the elapse of time it may turn to be "evil". In addition, these spiritual beings which are carriers of supernatural powers of such objects, typically are equally imperfect as all other creatures. Thus usually they are mainly interested in supporting their own goals. So the "good" that they are doing, typically has a "hidden agenda" and in reality serves more to them than to people for which they are done.
       If we analyse kinds of actions which are done by described above and commonly known objects with supernatural powers, the majority of these actions turn out to be versions of "evil". For example, stones and trees of "Datuk" from Malaysia do NOT receive offerings and prayers because they help people, but because they harm and do evil. So people with their offerings and prayers try to somehow pacify the evil nature of these Datuk. Similarly is with the totem poles from Borneo, with "guardians" of villages in Korea, or with the stone from Atiamuri which notoriously kills people (thus receives offerings and prayers from Maori drivers to not endanger their lives).
       Catholics from many countries pray to figures, paintings, stones, sources of water, etc., because the fame states that these objects are capable of miraculous healings. But NO-ONE carries out research on the percent of these people who return from such worshipping sessions healthier, and percent of people who return more ill. After all, the figure, painting, or other object famous from miraculous healings NO-ONE suspects that can bring illness instead of health. However, is it true? If any object has the capability to heal, does this mean that it does NOT have the capability to bring illness. In turn, if it can bring an illness, and is imperfect spiritual being, what supposed to stop it from giving an illness just for a pure joke or entertainment to these people who visit it and whom for some reasons this object does not like.
       The ill-omened Madonna of Teutonic Knights from the Malbork Castle has proven in practice its imperfection and hostilities towards Poland and Poles. As it turns out, it is capable of even bigger tricks. For example, as I experienced it painfully on myself, it is able to vindictively bring a horrible illness to the one whom it dislikes. In turn, if the figure from Malbork is capable of such actions, what guarantee we have that also other "holy figures" do NOT act in the same way.

Fig. #D3a(top). Koreańscy strażnicy wsi
Fig. #D3b(bottom). Grupa koreańskich strażników wsi
Fig. #D3ab: Wooden "guardians" of old villages from Korea. Every village in Korea used to have such its "guardians" who were taking care of the village. Special magical acts reinforced powers of these guardians and their capability to identify the incomers who had intentions to harm someone in the village. Thus such guardians were famous, amongst others, because they scared and played tricks on all these newcomers to the village who had some bad intentions. Some villages were able to give to their "guardians" such magical powers, that sometimes these guardians were even able to "exile" with supernatural acts from the village every bad person who arrived to harm someone in the village. For this "protection" over the village, and for shielding inhabitants of the village from "evil" brought by immoral strangers, and also for persecuting incomers with bad intentions - so that they were removed from the village before they had time to commit any crime, local villagers gave offerings to these guardians and prayed to them. (Click on the selected photograph to see it enlarged.)
       (a - top) Four such guardians watching the entry road to a Korean village.
       (b - bottom) A group of similar guardians residing in the centre of village and watching it from the inside.

Part #E: The cunning use of its capability to heal by the Teutonic Knights figure from Malbork, to manipulate people into its own rebuilding:


#E1. How a figure can bring out itself from the obscurity and order its own rebuilding:

       What should do a cunning figure in the situation of the Teutonic Knights figure from Malbork. Means the one which still have a lot of supernatural powers in itself, but which for many years does NOT exist physically and about which almost all people forgotten. Well, it should find someone, about which it is known that he publishes a lot about the work of supernatural (e.g. who is to be known from web-mastering a number of internet sites on this subject), then cunningly give to that person some unpleasant illness to later be able to heal that illness in a spectacular manner. In turn such a someone for sure is going to describe his "healing" in his publications, reminding other people about the existence of that figure. Then it is enough that the figure manipulates several further influential people, to become rebuild. But what such a figure should do, if it decisively does NOT like Poland nor Poles, while that only someone who can remind it to others, is a Pole. Well, then instead of really healing that Pole from the illness previously given to him, the figure can so manipulate him, that he will believe that was healed - while in reality was NOT healed at all.
       Somehow it happened, that that manipulated and tricked Pole who believed that was "healed" by the Teutonic Knights' figure from Malbork, was me. But it took me many years before on 7 April 2010 I realised that I was just cunningly "tricked" by that figure. So here is my history that explains how with a cunning "trick" I was "set up" into helping that this ill-omened figure started to be rebuild.

#E2. Healing powers of the figure of Virgin Mary from Malbork:

       When I was on my subsequent visit in Malbork in May 1995, I got a powerful allergy irritation in my lungs. I used to cough almost constantly. On my birthday (25 May 1995) I was just drinking to celebrate the birthday, when I learned about miraculous healings that in past used to take place in front of this stucco statue. Means, if this statue still exist, I could ask it for the healing of my allergic lungs irritation. Although this idea was just a table talk on the occasion of celebration of my birthday, I though that it is worth of checking, because it coincided with the subject of my research. I am the author of a scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that is described, amongst others, in volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] referred on this web page.
       According to the magnetic interpretation of time that stems from that Concept of Dipolar Gravity and is briefly explained on the web page timevehicle.htm (while in details explained e.g. in subsection L7 from volume 7 of monograph [8] "Totalizm"), if at any time something existed (or will exist) somewhere in the entire universe, it still does exist over there right now, and we can move to it through a shift in time that can be accomplished at level of the "counter-world". So I decided to have a go and try the healing. Three of us went to the area in front of the former location of the medieval statue, while I intended to ask for a miraculous healing. I must say that I was not in a religious mood, because I was a bit drunk (after all, it was my birthday). But my cough was so bad, that I still decided to have a go with the request for healing. Two of my companions were so sure of the impossibility that a miracle could happen, that they would not even wait until I ask for it, but they continued with walking, leaving me behind. (In past I believed that probably there is a kind of law, that miracles must always happen when no-one is watching. But at present I suspect that there was a vital reason for something ordering them telepathically to continue their walk.) So I looked at the exact spot where this stucco statue used to stay, and asked it in my thoughts to demonstrate to me the healing powers, and to heal my cough for the time of my staying in Malbork. When I only finished my request, I spotted a source of white light beam that appeared in the centre of a bay where the statue used to stay. Initially a though flashed through my mind that there must be a mirror located in there, and that it reflects the sun. But then I realised that the sun is just located on exactly the opposite side of the church, and the bay for the statue is hidden in the shadow. When the beam of this white light hit my lungs, I started to feel a kind of cooling and tingling sensation. It felt as if along my bronchial tube a layer of ice was melting. I was quite shocked. The entire experience lasted only around 30 seconds. I rushed to my companions, whom were walking only around 50 meters from me turned back to the statue, to report them about the event, while the melting and tingling sensation ceased in the meantime. Starting from this moment of time I would not cough even a single time while staying in Malbork. Later, by looking at old photographs of this statue, I realised that the beam of light that I saw was emitted from the area, where on the original statue the prominent Sacred Heart of Holy Mother Mary was located.
       The above case of my miraculous healing had a next stage though. The continuation of this case was even more supernatural than the original healing. This is because in the next stage I was healed in the church in Warszawa which presently does NOT exist - as I am explaining it more comprehensively in item #E3 below, and in item #D6.1 of the separate web page about time vehicles. Namely, as soon as I sit in the train to leave Malbork, and the train crossed a bridge on the Nogat river, my violent coughing rapidly returned. Simultaneously in my head appeared a thought, that in the wording of my healing request to the statue, I did not ask the statue for a permanent healing, but only for a demonstration of its healing powers. Thus, my return of the cough at that time I interpreted simply that I formulated wrongly my healing request. But around 15 years later, i.e. on 7 April 2010, I rapidly realised that the reason for that return of cough probably was the fact, that this statue does NOT like Poland, Slavs, and Poles, thus it had NOT wanted to heal me at all, just wanted me to believe that I was miraculously healed by it. Therefore, instead of healing me permanently, it healed me only for the duration of my stay in Malbork, while when I was leaving Malbork it again send me this illness. In this way it just make an impression that I was healed.
       In order to be healed permanently I decided to repeat my request. Because I was just was in the train leaving Malbork, I decided that in the next place of my stay I will go to any other statue of Virgin Mary, and that I will ask this other statue to either heal me permanently, or to redirect my prayers to the Malbork statue. My next stop was in Warsaw, so I went to the church of Holy Mother Mary located next to the Palace of the Polish President - because that church was closest to my hotel. When I entered that church, its doors were open, although inside was no-one - I was the only person in the church. In that church I noted a statue of the Virgin Mary that stood just several meters to right from the main doors. I asked that statue to either grant me the permanent healing, or to redirect my prayers to that medieval figure from Malbork. That time the permanent healing was granted to me (I left that church already without a cough). Incidentally, when this permanent healing occurred, no any white light or other sensations repeated themselves. I simply stopped to have my urge to cough. That lack of a spectacle I explained then to myself, that the first healing experience was really spectacular because I requested to demonstrate the healing powers of this statue to me, while the second healing was quiet, because I asked just for a permanent healing, not for the demonstration of healing powers.
       The mechanism behind a computer-like operation of any object to which many people are praying (in this number also that medieval statue of Madonna from Malbork), is well explained in volume 6 of my monograph [8] "Totalizm". As my research indicate, every object of someone's prayers can act e.g. in a healing manner, because its powers originate mainly from the so-called "moral energy" that was transferred to it by all these countless people who prayed to it. In turn this moral energy that the object accumulated allows it to perform (in a natural computer-like fashion) the action that people ask it for. (Of course, such an object is also able to carry out completely different actions which serve just to its own interests - e.g. defend itself from the destruction, or cause its own rebuilding.) Actually it behaves in a very similar manner as these wooden pagan totems from the island of Borneo, that are shown in "Fig. #D2" above, while are described in subsections B3.3 and K5.7 from volumes 2 and 6 of my monograph [8], and that also are able to cause similar healings and other supernatural effects.

#E3. My permanent healing in the church from Warszawa which later turned out to NOT exist in Warszawa:

       When I entered that church of Holy Mother Mary located in Warszawa next to the Palace of the Polish President, doors were open, although there was no-one inside. After entering I immediately noticed a sizeable figure of Mother Mary, which I approached first to pray for two permanent healings (i.e. for healing of that irritating cough and additionally for the removal of a ganglion (cyst) from the join on my left hand). After finishing my prayers and placing an offering, I looked around in the church. It looked beautiful and interesting. I was mostly intrigued by the well carved and reach decorated the so-called confession. The reason why for me it was especially interesting, was that the appearance of it imitated very precisely the appearance of an extraordinary device called the Oscillatory Chamber which is assembled in the main propulsor of every UFO vehicle. The confession in that church was even more spectacular and more similar to a UFO propulsor, than the one that I saw in St. Peter Basilica in Rome. Unfortunately, I did NOT take then with me the photo-camera. So I was unable to photograph it. Because soon afterwards I flew from Warszawa to New Zealand, I decided that I am going to visit this church again when I will be in Poland next time, and that it will be then that I will photograph that confession. But when in 2004 I arrived again to Warszawa to photograph that confession, it turned out that the church of Virgin Mary which I visited in 1995 by the Palace of the Polish President does NOT exist in there anymore. On its place in 2004 stood a different church of Virgin Mary. Thus another miracle which took place in that church, was that I was praying and healed in the church, which in the present passage of time does NOT exist not existed in that particular place.
       Why and in what manner it is possible that I entered and prayed the church which does NOT exist in a given place, is described comprehensively in item #D6.1 from the separate web page about time vehicles. I explained in that item #D6.1 what most probably took place with that church of Virgin Mary by the President Palace in Warszawa. The reason why I was able to prepare that explanation was that God allowed me to see in an English documentary film the same church in which I was then praying. As later my searches indicated it, that church actually does exist, only that it is located in the Polish township called "Święta Lipka" - means several hundred kilometres to the north-east from Warszawa. (Myself I never visited that Święta Lipka. But I would like to go over there one day - perhaps during my next visit in Poland in several years ahead). Means, in 1995 I prayed in Warszawa and even was permanently healed in the church which is located hundreds of kilometres distant from Warszawa. No wonder that at that particular day I noted no other people present in that church.
       Outcomes of my research described by the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity quite unambiguously define what we should understand by the name of "miracle". According to that definition, a "miracle" is an event which course is defined by mechanisms of counter-world and which cannot be caused just by the action of physical laws that work only in our physical world. It is worth to notice, that this definition of a "miracle" explain what is the mechanism of it and where it comes from, but it does NOT explain from whose will or activities a miracle is carried out. After all, in spite that absolutely everything what only happens in our universe always takes place exclusively with the agreement, wish, and intention of God, still NOT everything must be done by God Himself. Therefore, it is obvious, that if a miracle takes a place somewhere, then the course and consequences of it must previously be approved by God, but that miracle does NOT need to be carried out by God.
       According to the above definition of a "miracle", in time when in 1995 I was inside of the church of Virgin Mary by the President Palace in Warszawa, as many as 3 miracles took place over there. But the fact that these 3 miracles really took place in there, I realised only some time later. At the moment of time when I was in that church, I was unaware of anything extraordinary happening to me. The first two out of these 3 miracles, depended on the permanent healing of my lung allergy (which I described in previous item #E2 of this web page) and my ganglion (that ganglion disappeared only several weeks later). But the third miracle was, that both these previous miracles took place in the church which I entered in Warszawa, but which presently does NOT exist in Warszawa.

#E4. How at present I am explaining myself "why" in Warszawa I experienced a permanent healing in the church which really exists in the township named Święta Lipka:

       Since the time when during my another visit in Warszawa in 2004 I discovered that the church of Virgin Mary by the President Palace is NOT that church which I visited in 1995 and in which I experienced a permanent healing, of course I wander "why" such an extraordinary event then took place. I must admit, that until 7 April 2010 I suspected, that all that was "organised" for me on purpose, to inspire me to do research on time travel. But in the effect of the illness which was imposed on me on 7 April 2010 - and which I described in the next part #F of this web page, presently I begin to believe, that the swapping of churches was probably caused to heal me permanently. Most clearly God decided to repair the harm that was caused to me by that that Teutonic Knights' figure from Malbork. But because probably there was then NO church in Warszawa which would contain the figure of Virgin Mary that could carry out miraculous healings - and additionally would be positive towards Poland and Poles, when I entered to that particular church in Warszawa by the Palace of President, God simply swapped churches. In the result, without knowing it, I find myself in the church distant by hundreds of kilometres from Warszawa, in which was the figure of Virgin Mary which was able to heal me permanently. In this way the harm and injustice inflicted to me by that medieval figure from Malbork, was repaired.

#E5. Such "apparent healing, but without real healing" does NOT promise "good":

       The fact, that the medieval figure of Malbork Madonna make an impression that it healed me, although in reality it did NOT provide me with any healing, is very meaningful in the light of circumstances in which it took place. On the one hand it confirms the anti-Polish inclinations of that figure constructed by medieval Teutonic Knights. Means it confirms that this figure does NOT intend to do anything good for Poland and for Poles. So if it is forced to do something, as in my case, then it does it only apparently - so that it looks like e.g. a healing, but in reality it is NOT a healing. On the other hand in confirms that my spectacular supposed "healing" which I experienced, was just a theatrical "spectacle" arranged especially for me to allow me to write about it on my web pages, and thus initiate the course of events which is to cause the rebuilding of that ill-omened figure.
       I personally believe, that the rebuilding of a figure which already now is manifesting that kind of behaviours, should be the last thing that takes place on the Polish soil. One can imagine what that figure is going to cause when it is rebuild and it regains its full supernatural powers.

Part #F: Vindictiveness of the medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork:


#F1. Can figures be "vindictive":

       As we know from the real life, something that supposed to serve for good - for example churches or charitable organisations, can hide behind the facade someone who is devoted to the practicing of evil - e.g. a thief or a child molester. A good illustration for that tendency, that "evil likes to hide behind the facade or imitation of good", were sources of crisis in the Catholic church from April 2010 - described in item #F5 of the web page prophecies.htm.
       Thus if we acknowledge that there is such a thing as "evil" or "demonic powers", then we must also accept that some objects with supernatural powers either become facades behind which evil tries to hide, or due to continuous interacting with evil become so saturated with it that in fact they acquire a set of attributes to which we include "vindictiveness".

#F2. Vindictive affecting me with the "reversal of healing" by the figure of medieval Madonna from Malbork, means imposing on me the "miraculous illness":

       On 7 April 2010, I was changing the content on three web sites about the castle of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, for which web sites I am a so-called "web-master" (i.e. on web sites,, and These changes boiled down to replacing the previous mainly historical (i.e. aimed basically at reporting facts, and thus formulated "neutrally" from the moral point of view) web pages that were run on these web sites, with the previous version of this web page - which even already then was taking an unambiguous stand towards that medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork. In spite that at this time I felt completely healthy, already at the moment of time when in a Cyber Cafe I initiated my work on the change of these 3 web sites, unexpectedly I started to feel ill. I realised that I am getting weaker, while in my chest something started to irritate my lungs - as if I inhaled the "powdered tobacco", or something to which I am allergic. Simultaneously in my head a stubborn thought appeared, that I must delete this web page, otherwise I am going to get very ill. After finishing that change of web pages, with a significant difficulty I walked from the Cyber Cafe to my home. In home I experienced almost continuous attacks of dry, spasm-like cough - exactly the same kind as that cough which temporally theatrical supposed healing I described in item #E2 above on this web page. All together make an impression on me, that this rapid falling ill is a kind of "vendetta" send to me by the medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork.
       Of course, does NOT exist possibility to prove scientifically that the serious and long illness that rapidly started in me on 7 April 2010, was the "supernatural illness" send to me as a "vendetta" by the medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork. But at this fact are pointing out various premises which I noted then. After all, in total I noted then several independent premises, each one of which seems to suggest, that this rapid illness that then I experienced, in reality was a kind of "vendetta" means "supernatural illness" which this medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork send to me as a kind of "miraculous reversal of healing". The most important amongst these premises include: (1) the coincidence of the time of arrival of that cough with my activities of installing the web page the goal of which was to stop rebuilding the medieval figure of Madonna from Malbork, (2) the speed of arrival of that illness - in normal illnesses the time of transformation from feeling healthy to feeling ill usually amounts to several hours, but this time such a transformation took place in perhaps around 10 minutes, (3) the similarity of that cough which affected me to the cough which supposedly healed in me that figure of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork (but which probably only slightly earlier the same figure send to me - so that it later could spectacularly heal me from it), (4) the stubborn command which appeared then in my head, that I must delete from internet the version of this web page that I was installing then, otherwise I am going to be very ill, (5) strange supplementing my cough with a whole range of other simultaneous health problems which typically are unconnected with a cough (like a change of taste or lumbago) and which make an impression that someone vindictive intentionally creates them to make my life as miserable as possible, (6) my experiencing only such health problems, about which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity states that they can be send (spelled) at large distances with the use of capabilities offered by remote telepathy or telekinesis. To be honest, if one considers what is the probability that so many mutually agreeable premises will be accompanying any accidental illness, then it turns out that it is almost impossible. Thus, in my opinion, there are rational basis to consider, that my "supernatural cough" in fact was then send to me by the figure with supernatural powers, which rebuilding I try to stop with this web page.
       I must admit, that I felt then that I am in real troubles. After all, I am researching "supernatural" and I have a huge respect for it - means I am afraid of it. I also saw in my life a lot of suffering and pain introduced by a supernatural. Furthermore, I do NOT know how to heal "supernatural illness". Should I go to a doctor or to a priest? Of course, the turning again to that figure of Madonna from Malbork was out of question. After all, it was that figure that caused all the trouble - and in addition clearly let me know from whom that trouble originates. Anyway, it is known in advance that until the time when I would delete this web page from the internet, my health would NOT improve. So during the first week I healed my "supernatural cough" with home remedies - i.e. I drank the Chinese syrup on cough called King To "Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa" (popularly known as the "Mother and Son") and the tea from "lime tree flowers", I ate pills of "Echinacea" (about these home remedies I wrote more in item #E1 from the separate web page plague.htm). But my health systematically deteriorated - instead of improving. In addition, every several days to the cough various different problem was added which seemed to have nothing to do with the cough, and which make an impression that was intelligently imposed in order to make my life more miserable. For example already a couple of days later my sense of taste was drastically changed, so that even the most favourite meals become difficult to swallow. Then to the continuous cough and the lack of taste powerful pains in the lower part of my spine (in the style of "lumbago") were added, so that every my step and even just ordinary sitting turned into a torture and suffering. So on Thursday, 15 April 2010 I went to a doctor. He guessed (without carrying out any tests) that I have a virus infections of throat, larynx, and lungs, prescribed me tablets of "Codeine phosphate 15 mg" that blocks the cough, and recommended a lot of liquid and rest - as from a virus supposedly the organism must defend itself. In spite of fulfilling his recommendations, my illness only got worse. Still I was coughing practically continually, everything tasted horrible, while my spine turned into a torture every my step and even ordinary sitting. I also believe that the doctor guessed completely wrong the nature of my cough, claiming that it is from a virus infection, while my own analysis suggested that the nature of it was rather related to a powerful allergy - i.e. no virus nor bacteria infection was involved. (Notice that an "allergy" is a kind of "information" or "program", not an "object" - thus it can be send e.g. telepathically at large distances. In turn viruses and bacteria are physical objects which is difficult to send e.g. telepathically. Similarly the back pain (lumbago) can be caused at a distance through a remote telekinetic shifting of a disk in spine.)
       In next days several further health problems appeared. For example, my throat started to itch strongly. Although it was no pain, this itching induced a need to scratch - what was impossible because the throat itched from inside. Then a similar itching occurred in three teeth. Again, although it was not a pain, their itching urged me to go to a dentist and to pull off these teeth (of course I did NOT pull them out). Then a pimple on my thigh which was healed a long time ago unexpectedly revived and turned into a painful abscess. Because my back was painful (lumbago) I could not sit normally resting on my back. So I used to sit slanted forward while resting on my hands on my thighs. Thus, when something caused this ulcer to renew itself on my thigh, then practically even sitting slanted forward turned out to be painful. (These health problems I am describing here in case they represent most vital illnesses that a given figure can supernaturally induce in someone remotely with the use of telepathy or telekinesis. Thus, if similar problems start to trouble also other people, then these people will be able to recognise them more easily.)
       In face of continuous deterioration of my health, I got to the conclusion that the only my hope for the healing lies in God. After all, nothing in the universe happens without a reason and without the knowledge and approval from God. Thus if good God subjected me to that unpleasant experience, He must have for it a vital reason. After considering what was that reason, I come to the conclusion that God probably wishes that I describe this unpleasant experience - so that other people can learn about it. So I decided that in order to "earn" the defence and healing from God, I should describe on this web page everything that happened to me. Starting since 17 April 2010, troubled by continuous cough, fever, pain in spine, etc., I started to describe on this web page facts that I become aware only due to this illness. In spite of unpleasant cough, fever, pain, need for frequent rests, feeling ill and powerless, I gradually extended and modified this web page for that new point of view. In the meantime my health got even worse, e.g. from 20 April 2010 I started to yield blood from my nose. My health continually worsen until 25 April 2010 - when I finished the first version of this amended web page - however I felt too weak and ill to publish it.

#F3. Hope of recovery?

       On 26 April 2010 I published the first version for this edition of the web page. I still felt quite ill and was continually troubled by that "supernatural cough", nose bleeding, pain in my spine, etc. But in that day my health stopped to get worse. Thus, I do hope, that at the moment when the content of new version of this web page begins to be available in the internet, good God will start to protect me from further attacks of that figure of medieval Madonna from Malbork, and allows me to gradually regain my health from that nasty cough and accompanying health problems.

Fig. #F3

Fig. #F3: Tropical fruit which in the language of Malays is called "nangka", while in English is named "jackfruit". When, on 21 July 2010, after the arrival to Malaysia for my vacations, I still was troubled by my (then already chronic) cough, the arrival of which I described in item #F2 above, local friends advised me that for chronic coughs highly helpful is that local fruit called "nangka" ("jackfruit"). I described this fruit in item #H3 of the other totaliztic web page named fruit.htm. To heal a chronic cough, one supposedly needs to eat it raw and fresh, straight after taking it out from the cocoon, and without washing or freezing. Of course, I instantly started to eat this fruit enthusiastically, and also to take many other tropical fruits about the healing powers of which I heve heard - e.g. coconut water described also on the abovementioned web page fruit.htm. After further around 3 weeks quite regular eating "jackfruit" and equally regular drinking coconut water, my chronic cough gradually ceased. In that way I get rid of that nasty cough, that troubled me continually for 4 months, starting from 7 April 2010, till around 7 August 2010. Of course, I am not sure whether in this ceasing of the cough the leading role performed this "nangka" ("jackfruit") - which I ate a lot during that vacation, or tropical weather of Malaysia in connection with healing action of other tropical fruits and coconut water, which at that time I was taking rather enthusiastically.
       The above photograph shows a stall with "nangka" ("jackfruit"). At the top, on right, an entire cocoon of the "jackfruit" is shown. The cocoon is around 50 cm in length and around 20 cm in diameter. Below it we can see packets of raw and ready for eating, pinkish "nangka" ("jackfruit"), already removed from a cocoon. They are wet, leaking sweet juice, while people who sell them take them out of cocoons with bare hands. Therefore typically, for hygienic reasons, Europeans should wash them before eating. But for healing coughs it is NOT allowed to wash them and one should eat them raw immediately after taking out of cocoon. Of course, this means certain health risk. But I had a good luck and did NOT catch through them any tropical diarrhoea. Besides, if I catch a diarrhoea, I know how to heal it with "tapioca" roots or with tapioca starch, described in item #B1 of the web page healing.htm. The price of one shown above packet of such "nangka" ("jackfruit"), weighting around 300 grams, in Kuala Lumpur of 2010 amounted to 3 Malaysian Ringgit.

#F4. If the hostile towards Poland and Poles figure of Madonna from Malbork could send an illness to me, with an equal easiness it probably could send illness to every other Pole:

       In order to exert their supernatural influence on someone's health, various idols must first learn the "address" of a given person - means must get in touch with that person. But when once they learn this "address" then such a person is on their mercy. Therefore, my experience with the figure of medieval Madonna from Malbork, should be a warning to others. This figure most clearly is far from "goodness" and "holiness" and close to "evil" and "vindictiveness" of the medieval period from which it originates. If it was able to show such vindictiveness in my case, probably it will act similarly in case of other people who unwisely surround their health or career to the power and caprices of that figure. Thus, it would not surprise me at all, if one day I would learn that these people who make a connection with the Madonna e.g. through donating funds for its rebuilding, rapidly experienced an illness and pain while their state improved only after they gave to it again their money in an amount even larger than previously.

#F5. As it is demonstrated by the medieval Madonna from Malbork, "not everything is holy that hides behind holy names":

Motto: "How to not feel for people who refuse to open their eyes."

       The logic tells us, that all representations of a specific personality should have and demonstrate the same set of attributes of that personality. For example, all representations of Mother Mary should have the personality and character of actual and always the same Mother Mary. However, the real life proves something completely opposite. In the real life, if statues or paintings of Mother Mary really demonstrate their personalities, e.g. through supernatural actions, then in each different such a statue or a painting its personality differs. For example, if a statue or a painting carries out healings, then it heals in a different manner, different illnesses, chooses different categories of people to heal, has its own preferences, and even favours a different nation. Therefore, for example the painting of the "Black Madonna" from the Polish town Częstochowa likes Polish people but become famous because it badly persecuted subjects of the king of Sweden, while the statue of Madonna from the Polish town called "Malbork" (which was the capitol of medieval crusaders from Germany called "Teutonic Knights") likes Germans but persecutes Slavs and Polish people. In turn the Mother Mary from Fatima in Portugal displayed hostility towards Russians.
       In addition to this, every statue or painting of e.g. Mother Mary has a different appearance and differing anatomical features - although the majority of them have this characteristic triangular face of female UFOnauts with that unique, buttock-like protrusion on the chin (shown and discussed in "Fig. #G2d" below). Some amongst these figures were sighted when simultaneously with Virgin Mary show itself to witnesses a silver UFO vehicle - for example see descriptions of a UFO sighting during the vision in Fatima, Portugal, of 1917, presented in item #G1.2 of the web page antichrist.htm or in caption under "Fig. #D8" from the web page day26.htm. Also every statue and painting of Mother Mary, if it carries out any supernatural actions, then it works in a similar manner to these pagan idols, such as "Datuk" from Malaysia - shown and described in "Fig. #D1" of this web page, totem poles from Borneo - shown and described on "Fig. #D2" of this web page, Korean "village guardians" - shown and described in "Fig. #D3" of this web page, or the healing oak and restoring fertility "angel stone" from St. Anna near Milicz in Poland - described in caption under "Fig. #C1a" of this web page.
       The logic suggests, that if people continually confront something, then it should be researched rationally, instead of denied. However, amongst many present professional scientists a policy prevails, that "if something exceeds my horizons then I claim that it does NOT exist". One amongst countless victims of this policy, is our rational knowledge about "supernatural". It does NOT matter that parallel as scientists multiply elementary particles, galaxies, and denying God speculations about origins of the universe, everyday life of people still multiplies our confrontations with outcomes of "miraculous healings", "bloodless operations", "black magic", "rain charmers", "spontaneous self-combustion of bodies", "giving to selected people supernatural force and ability to e.g. lift a load which weights many tons", "walking on red-hot charcoals", "seeing ghosts", "divine revelations", "miraculous shifting in time or space" (e.g. my own miraculous shifting from Warszawa to Święta Lipka described in item #E3 of this web page), and other manifestations of "supernatural". In turn each one amongst these supernatural phenomena hides in itself a whole ocean of unknown knowledge. But for as long, until we start to research rationally this knowledge, our confrontations with the "supernatural" will have similar effects as these painful demonstrations of overambitious scientists who try to prove that just "pure physics" is enough to explain walking bare foot on red-hot charcoals (which looks so natural on festivities of various Eastern religions, but turns out so disastrous in scientific experiments).
       An excellent example that "supernatural" should be researched rationally, are outcomes of activities of medieval Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, described in items #C1 to #F4 of this web page. As it turns out, this Madonna demonstrates activities which are far from "holiness" and cannot be qualified as "good" for people. After all, for example, this Madonna persecutes Slavs and Poles, makes sure that the German language is to prevail on lands supervised by it (for details see items #C1 to #C5 of this web page), enforces with supernatural powers sentences of Polish courts which give homes and land of Polish families back to previous German owners (for details see item #C6 on this web page), or sends me an illness to the other side of the Earth just to persecute for the courage of opposing to its rebuilding (for details see item #F2 on this web page). Since this medieval Madonna really demonstrates all such mischief to us, we should NOT assume that everything that "supernatural" is done in the name of "good", or that "everything that hides behind a holy name is in fact holy". We should finally learn about numerous cases of "supernatural", which clearly work to a detriment of people. Actions of this medieval Madonna from Malbork belong to that category.
       Each one of us was somehow pre-programmed in young age. Many stand by the "brainwash" which they received during the atheistic education - and until now do NOT wish to open their eyes to manifestations of "supernatural". Others, even when they can see, still naively believe that if something hides behind a holy name, then it must be "good" for people. Unfortunately, the real life demonstrates something completely opposite. In real life do exist such examples as this medieval Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork that does NOT like Slavs and Polish people and that soon is to be rebuild (by Polish people) to demonstrate to us with multiplied and renewed energy its anti-Polish powers. In turn, because it is located in the centre of Europe, while persecuting the Polish nation it will also persecute all other nations through inducing political unrests which are to bring disasters to even the nation which it tries to support in its medieval manner. I only hope that the content of items #C1 to #F4 of this web page helps at least in this case to prevent from happening again that old Polish situation that the "Polish people turn wise only after the harm is done".

Part #G: Links between the Malbork Castle and UFOnauts:


#G1. A UFO base underground of the Malbork Castle:

       In order to hide effectively from People, but at the same time have an easy access to them to carry out abductions, UFOnauts developed on Earth an unique system of underground chambers and tunnels, which serve as secret bases for hiding their vehicles. The reason behind such hidden activities of UFOnauts on Earth, are explained exactly in subsection E1 (volume 4) of my monograph [8] Totalizm mentioned earlier. These UFO vehicles hover inside such underground chambers, and UFOnauts abduct people to these UFOs, without the danger of anyone seeing their activities. The favourite areas where UFOnauts maintain such underground chambers/bases are all lone hills that dominate the surrounding area. In Poland there is already several such hills with UFO bases identified, some of which include Sobotka, Lysa Gora, and Babia Gora. More information about them is contained in my Polish treatise [4C] "Tunele UFO spod Babiej Gory", available free of charge from the mystery Web sites listed on the left margin of this page. There are various rumours, that there is also such an underground UFO base under the Malbork castle. The castle meets all the requirements imposed for such a UFO base, because it is located on a small hill that dominates the area. Also it is an old civilization centre. These rumours seem to be confirmed additionally with numerous sightings of fast flying UFOnauts in the castle itself. Usually such fast flying UFOnauts are noticed as flashes of white or colourful light (some witnesses compare them to huge electric sparks or to a ball lightning) that run either downwards or upwards through various compartments or cellars of the castle. One such fast flying UFOnaut was even captured on a photograph shown below - have a look at this unique photo.

Fig. #G1a(top): A fast moving UFOnauts photographed inside of corridor in the Malbork Castle
Fig. #G1b(bottom): The same area of corridor in the Malbork Castle a while later - the UFOnaut is gone
Fig. #G1ab: A couple of photographs, both taken in the same area of corridor in the Malbork Castle that leads to the main castle tower. The left one supposed to just be a photograph of a female tourist who looked at these corridors. But by a coincident this photograph captured also a fast moving (and slightly spinning) UFOnaut which was flying head downward through this particular corridor of the Malbork Castle.
       A colourful small UFOnaut, which descends fast with his head directed downward to the area under this corridor, is visible relatively well on this photograph. A more detailed analysis of similar photographs of UFOnauts and UFOs, is carried out in a Polish monograph [4c] that is disseminated (free of charge) from the Polish internet site tekst_4c.htm.
       When the photographer (who took this photo) realized that some colourful creature flashed out in front of him when he took the first photo, just in case he repeated the shot. Therefore the right photograph shows almost the same area, taken a while later. The UFOnaut is already gone (i.e. it reached a UFO vehicle parked under the Malbork Castle in the underground base).
* * *
       The above is worth complementing with the information, that all photographs of UFOnauts presented on this web page, are also shown and scientifically interpreted on a separate web page that is entirely devoted to scientific interpretations of photographs of UFOnauts. This separate web page on UFOnauts is available under the name "aliens.htm".
* * *
       Of course, various debunkers telepathically manipulated by UFOnauts are going to argue that this photograph does not show at all any fast moving UFOnaut. In such a case I would propose to ask them for the exact explanation what actually was captured on this photo, and why this something moved so fast in a dark corridor of the Malbork castle, rotating during the motion. Let us now consider hypothetically impossibility of other possible explanations for this photograph, which would disagree that it is a fast moving UFOnaut:
      (a) Ghost. If it would a ghost not an UFOnaut, then firstly why it is colourful not white (ghosts supposed to always be white, not colourful). Secondly, how this "skeptical" person would then explain the capturing of a ghost on a photograph. After all the existence of ghosts is even more difficult to prove scientifically than the existence of UFOs (for example, the existence of UFOnauts is already conclusively proven with a formal scientific proof that is published in subsection J2 of English monograph [1e] and in subsection P2 of English monograph [1/5]). Furthermore, how it happened that it was not only captured on the photograph, but also seen by the photographer with his own eyes (after all, this was because of seeing of this glowing colourful UFOnaut that the photographer decided to repeat the shot, because was suspecting that the previous photo would not come out well spoiled by the UFOnaut).
      (b) An object thrown. Other hypothetical possibility, is that someone thrown some kind of an object, and that this object was captured by the photographing person. But also this possibility is not confirmed by the evidence at hand. For example, firstly, the object on the photograph flies along a straight line and slanted towards the direction of gravity field. But if someone throws an object in a small corridor, then this object must either fly along the curved trajectory, or fly straight downwards along the force lines of gravity field. Secondary how it is possible, that this object comes from a brick-laid solid ceiling in which there is no any hole or a window. If it would be a thrown object, than it could not come from a ceiling, and its trajectory would need either bend at some distance from the ceiling, or bounce from the ceiling (consider laws of physics that govern principles of bouncing of objects, which then would NOT be fulfilled by this particular object). Tertiary, where all these effects of magnetic lens that are so typical for magnetic propulsion of UFOnauts come from. These effects are actually induced by the UFOnaut captured on the photograph analyzed here. They can be noticed due to distortions of pictures of wall and people that are behind the flying UFOnaut (more details about the action of magnetic lens in UFO propulsion systems can be found in chapter G of newest English monograph [1/5]). Fourthly, why this object has features sticking out from it, that correspond to parts of human body (e.g. on the photograph can be distinguished trajectories of hands, corpse, legs, etc.). Furthermore, why these parts of the body keep during a flight in exactly the same positions in relationship to each other in spite that the object is spinning (e.g. if the object is a sweater, or a shirt, thrown by someone, the pressure of air during the flight would cause it to change its shape). All this together, only reinforces the certainty that this photograph actually captured a fast moving UFOnaut, NOT any object that was thrown into air.
      If this photograph does not show anything other than an UFOnaut - as it was explained above, than even if someone is a hard-core sceptic, still have no other option but to admit, that these glowing figures that move fast in compartments of the Malbork castle, which are seen in there by various people, and which cannot be explained otherwise than fast moving UFOnauts that fly to (or from) their underground base, actually are UFOnauts indeed.
       It is worth to complement the above with the explanation what folklore from Poland claims about other underground "UFO bases". According to this folklore, very similar underground bases supposed to exist in numerous other locations from Poland. A "UFO base" very similar to that from Malbork, means located in undergrounds of an old fort, supposed to be located in the so-called Wzgórze Partyzantów that exists almost in the centre of Wroclaw. More information about this UFO base from Wroclaw, including into this a photograph of a "transparent UFOnaut", are available in item #7 from a separate web page about the Polish city of Wrocław (see "Fog. 7(b)" in there). In turn a different kind of underground "UFO base" probably exists also in the system of caves located under fields of the Wylatów village. These are UFO vehicles which fly to/from such caves, that create famous "crop circles" on crop fields of Wylatów (means create UFO landing sites in crops, which by some people are wrongly called "pictograms"). A photograph of such a UFO landing site, in which camera managed to even capture a UFO vehicle that was invisible to human eyes, is shown on several web pages devoted to the phenomenon of telekinesis (see a photo from item 21 over there) - these web pages are available via "Menu 4". (Notice that UFO landing sites from the Polish village Wylatów are identical to famous "crop circles" from England. Thus probably also under fields of England similar underground caves, used by UFOs as their "bases", are located.)

Fig. #G1c: An invisible motionless UFOnaut that hovers in a cosmic suit and helmet
Fig. #G1c: Invisible for human eyes UFOnauts were also photographed when they hover motionlessly in the midair, and thus when they are well visible. One black-white photograph of such a motionless UFOnaut is shown above. It illustrates a girl with flowers (Elizabeth Templon) who was then photographed. But when the photograph was developed, it turned out that it shows also a UFOnaut wearing a space suit and a hermetic helmet. This UFOnaut is excellently visible as it hovers half of its height above the ground level behind the head of the girl.
       (Please notice the white colour of the suit of this UFOnaut, which results from the black-white photograph and from the unique glow that always accompanies the so-called state of telekinetic flickering, and that volume 4 of newest monograph [1/5], and also in subsection L6.1 from volume 7 of the older monograph [8] "Totalizm", is described in details under the name of the "extraction glow".) This photograph was taken on Sunday, 24 May 1964, by father of Elisabeth, fireman, around 5 miles from their home in Carsle, USA, on the banks of river Solway Firth. The photographing person reported, that at the time of taking this photograph, a strange "electrified" atmosphere was prevailing, and also that local cows were behaving very strangely, although apart from family of the girl, there was no-one around. (It is worth to highlight here, that various animals, including cats, dogs, sheep, and cows, have so designed eyes, that they are able to see UFOnauts in the "state of telekinetic flickering", even if these UFOnauts remain invisible to human eyes.) The photograph itself, and also its description, are published on page 51 of an excellent book [2] by Jenny Randles, "Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years", Collins Brown (London House, Great Eastern Wharf, Rarkgate Road, London SW11 4NQ), 1997, ISBN 1-85585-454-6, 144 pages, pb. The more exact interpretation of photograph of this invisible for human eyes UFOnaut, is contained in subsection B2 of the Polish treatise [4c] (see over there Figure Z_4_B2), which is disseminated (free of charge) from the following totaliztic web site: tekst_4c.htm.

#G2. Historical links between devils and owners of the Malbork Castle:

       There is a historic evidence that UFOnauts were seen in the Malbork castle quite frequently, practically since the medieval times. There are various stories about devils seen in connection with this castle. (As it is indicated by the recent results of UFO research, e.g. these ones presented in chapter OD from monograph [1/5], or in subsection E4 of monograph [8], the name devils was used in medieval times to describe extraterrestrial creatures that presently are called with the name "UFOnauts".) An excellent example of such a historic evidence for the links between "devils-UFOnauts" with the CASTLE OF Teutonic Knights in Malbork, are images of devils that exist in the Malbork castle. One such image is illustrated on the photograph of the medieval devil shown below.

Fig. #G2a: A corbel with a sculpture of devil from the Malbork Castle, shown as Figure C4 in my Polish treatise [4B] and also as Figure K5 in my English monograph [1/5].
Fig. #G2a: A photograph that actually illustrates a devil which was frequently seen in the Malbork castle in medieval times. It is presented as a small figurine called corbel, around 25 cm tall. You can see this "devil" at the entrance to toilets used in medieval times by Teutonic Knights (i.e. the same toilets that according to rumours, these knights used to murder inconvenient people).
       An interesting aspects of this corbel is that it presents a UFOnaut flying in a squat position. As we know this from magical demonstrations of David Copperfield in his famous flight through the Great Canyon, such a squat position is the most comfortable during the use of personal propulsion of UFOnauts. (More information about personal propulsion of UFOnauts you can find in my English monographs [1e] and [2e], as well as in chapter E and on Figure E2 of my monograph [1/5], disseminated free of charge through this web site. This personal propulsion is also shown in "Fig. #H3" of the web page about the village of Wszewilki.) Frequent flights of UFOnauts in such squat positions are also reported by numerous eye witnesses who saw UFOnauts in flights (these reports also are published in my monographs [1e], [2e], and [1/5] - e.g. see chapter R and Figure R1 in [1/5]). Note also that the facial features of the UFOnaut-devil from this corbel correspond to one of races of UFOnauts that intrude our space quite frequently. This race is well illustrated in the famous American film Fires in the sky that was to document a case of actual abduction a person to a UFO. Characteristic features of this race are that these UFOnauts are very small in height, that their faces are full of wrinkles (like faces of very old people), and that they are incredibly ugly for humans - actually they look repulsive.

Fig. #G2b(top)
Fig. #G2c(bottom)
Fig. #G2bc: The appearance of a female from another race of clawed UFOnauts-monsters, means a photo of a "female devil". Also such clawed devils were seen in Malbork.
       A comprehensive description of this photograph is provided under "Fig. #4abc" from the web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola, from Milicz, and also by "Fig. #K2" of the web page evolution.htm. This race of physically very clumsy, and psychologically highly unhappy and unstable monsters, was created due to short-sighted genetic experiments of UFOnauts. For thousands of years this race regularly raids the Earth in their UFO vehicles, spreading fear amongst inhabitants of all continents as a most vindictive kinds of "devils". In their experiments UFOnauts took genes from people and mixed these with genes taken from some kind of monstrous lizards. In this way they created "devils with craw-like claws" shown on the above photograph. These devils have 3+1 clawed fingers and snake skin of lizards. Simultaneously they maintain the general shape of people and the human sexual organs - together with human intelligence and with even higher evilness than the one in people. As this is more extensively described on the web page about evolution, UFOnauts try to play God - although they are lacking the wisdom and far sightedness of God. In the result, they spoil God's creations by clumsy mixing God's perfect genes with genes of various monsters. Because of the snake-like pattern on skins of these UFOnauts, their race is described as "lizards" by people abducted to decks of UFOs. It is just for this race of devils-UFOnauts that the Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz, described them in the poem entitled "Pani Twardowska" ("Mrs. Twardowski"): "... nose like a hook, chicken leg, and cock's claws he had ...".

Fig. #G2d: A well-known and excellent sculpture of a devil published in The Unexplained, which extremely well illustrates the facial features of these creatures.
Fig. #G2d: A photograph that shows a sculpture of different race of a "devil-UFOnaut". This race looks almost identically to people. These are members of this race of UFOnauts that cheat their way to all key positions in the human society in order to easier sabotage the technical development of humanity. The folklore uses the name changelings to call UFOnauts from this race. This sculpture most probably originates from France. It was published in a Journal entitled "The Unexplained".
       According to my research, practically it is the best sculpture of devil that I managed to find so-far, and which shows typical facial features of the race of UFOnauts which is identical to people. This race is most close in appearance to humans. Therefore it keeps on Earth the largest number of cosmic spies and saboteurs that mix with people on streets and that interfere practically into all matters concerning our civilization. Out of facial details that differ for that race of UFOnauts from these of people, the most characteristic is a pointed forward, sharply-ended chin, which has two distinct bulges. These bulges give to the chin an appearance of a miniature human bottom - see the photograph. Such pointed chin looking like a small human bottom is a very characteristic facial detail of that race of UFOnauts (and also medieval "witches" - the w ord "witches" is another term that in past used to be attributed to creatures which presently are called UFOnauts). Many present UFO abductees describe facial features of UFOnauts to be almost identical to this devil from the above photo. More information about the similarities of appearance and behaviour of old devils to present UFOnauts is provided on the web page ufo.htm.
       Interestingly, just such a "bottom-like chin" had the last of Great Master of the Teutonic Knights, i.e. the cunningly clever Albrecht von Hohenzollern-Ansbach. In order to hide this chin from people, he had a beard. But even this beard was subdivided into two separate halves - just like his chin. It was him who managed to outwit Polish kings through the liquidation of the Teutonic Knights Order in 1525 and turning it into the Prussian Principality from which later the Hitler's Germany grew up. It was also him who undermined in his Principality influences of the Catholic Church by official adoption of Lutheranism and by causing that all his subjects also changed the religion. A sculpture of this cunningly cleaver last Great Master of Teutonic nights Order can be seen in the Malbork Castle. A photograph of this sculpture is shown on "Fig. 17" from a separate web page day26.htm. On this sculpture the most interesting is his beard. In such a branching form of two like-separate beards, this beard grows only in these ones who have such buttock-like bulges on their chins, which are so clearly visible on the above photograph "Fig. #G2d". In turn having such a double-bulging, buttock-like chin, typically means, that the owner of it is a UFOnaut-changeling, not a man. (In what manner UFOnauts change into people, it is explained on a separate web page, which in "Menu 2" is called "changelings".) Is it possible that the last Great Master of Teutonic Knights and the first Prince of Prussia, the actual founder of the aggressive Prussia, was an UFOnaut? After all, according to what I explained on the web page "predators", an UFOnaut was also Romulus - means the founder of equally aggressive ancient Rome. It is also worth to notice the non-typical shape of shoes of this first Prussian Prince. Is it possible that also his feet were a different shape from feet of normal human beings?

Fig. #G2e: The entrance to a UFOnauts cave.
Fig. #G2e: Only rare people were punished with breaking their finger for the fact that they had the courage to photograph something that they do not suppose to photograph. I belong to these rare group. When on 26th of May 2007 I photographed a mysterious "Jin Cave" shown on the above photograph "Fig. #G2e", some creatures invisible to human sight got so furious, that during taking one of photographs they almost openly pulled my legs when I was just pressing the shutter's trigger. Then they so directed my fall down that I broke my finger. During this extraordinary event I felt on my body the hitting and pushing, like if from someone's invisible hands, while in my mind I heard like telepathically send to me someone's derisive laughter. (I perfectly know this laughter - I already heard it once when UFOnauts, probably just for a fun, poured me and my suit with cold shower - as I described this thoroughly in subsection W6 from volume 18 of my old monograph [1/4] - see item "Re. F" in there.) Descriptions of this extraordinary breaking of my finger are provided in item #K4 of the newest update of the separate web page about Wszewilki of tomorrow. "Fig. #G2e" above shows just one of photographs that I managed to take then just before my finger was broken. The photo illustrates the entrance to a cave, which in my estimation was a former entrance to a system of underground tunnels that UFOnauts created under the surface of our planet in order to hide their UFO vehicles from human sight in these tunnels. Amongst local population the above cave is called the Jin Cave. (The name "jins" is another name which in cultures of the East was given in past to UFOnauts. Jins had the same powers as "devils" - only that in past they were considered to NOT be so mischievous as devils are. In our culture jins are mainly known from a fable about the "Lamp of Aladdin" in which one of these powerful creatures supposedly used to live.)
       The diameter of the above tunnel, measured in the horizontal direction, is equal to 4.7 meters, while its height is equal 5.10 meters. This cylindrically shaped tunnel is evenly cut like by a huge drill. It runs from the south-east (the entrance) to the north-west (the interior of the hill). So this tunnel was cut out by a discoidal UFO vehicle type K3 that flied horizontally with the floor directed perpendicular to local force lines of the Earth's magnetic field. The external diameter of a UFO vehicle type K3 is equal to D = 4.39 meters. The carving of this tunnel was carried out through the discharging of powerful telekinetic pressures at native rocks, not through evaporation of rocks by a plasma whirl. So the UFO vehicle which made this tunnel was a UFO of the second, or even the third, generation.
       The important aspect of this UFO tunnel is, that it was known for many centuries. In turn local people treat it with the highest respect, almost like a holy place. Therefore UFOnauts could NOT secretly collapse it, or remove it - as they did with entrances to many other similar UFO tunnels. But in order to not reveal that it leads to underground UFO bases, some time ago UFOnauts melted in it a vertical partition wall which closes it already around 10 meters from the entrance. What even more interesting, this partition wall that blocks the entrance to remaining parts of this tunnel, was formed by melting the native rock with a hot plasma whirl. In turn the tunnel itself was created by ripping the rock out with telekinetic pressure (so it is a carved tunnel - not an evaporated or melted tunnel). Such mixing two completely different manners of shaping the structure of this tunnel, both of which are unique and characteristic for capabilities of UFO propulsion system, additionally confirms strongly the technological origins of this tunnel formed by a UFO vehicle.
       The entrance to a similar UFO tunnel existed also in Poland on the "Babia Góra" Mountain. It remained open in there until around 1920s. (Later UFOnauts hide this entrance.) A similar entrance is also described in the famous German legend about the Pied Piper of Hamelin (the main event of which supposed to take place on 23 July 1284). The description of this legend is even contained in some encyclopaedias, e.g. see the prestigious "Encyclopaedia Britannica", 1959 - entry "Hameln". According to this legend, in 1284 the township of Hamelin from Lower Saxony (near Hanover), which is positioned at the converge of rivers Waser and Hamel, was infested with a plague of rats. Then this rat-catcher appeared (probably an UFOnaut that had a device for a remote hypnotizing of animals and people). After receiving the offer of a good payment, he led rats out of the city and drown them in the Waser river. But after fulfilling his part of the deal, citizens of Hameln accused him of the trickery and refused to pay the contract. Then, exactly on 23 July 1284, he played again his pipe. In the reply all children of Hamelin left their homes and walked hypnotized following him. After they walked to the local hill called Koppelberg, huge gate opened on the slope. The rat-catcher with the all children - but except for one lame, disappeared inside of this hill, while the gate shut after their passage. (It seems that the lame child was of no use as a slave on the planet of UFOnauts.) The interesting aspect of this legend is that the spoken version of it that I had an opportunity to hear, describes a glossy tunnel leading inside of the Earth, that was hidden behind these gates in the Koppelberg. The hypnotized children marched thorough this tunnel. Its description coincides with the glossy and even tunnels formed on Earth by UFOs, one example of which is shown in "Fig. #G2e" above. Another example of a similar tunnel existed in Poland on the mountain named "Babia Góra". The entrance of it, according to Polish legends, was hidden behind a gate that looked like an ordinary rock. (This legend about the UFO tunnel from the "Babia Góra" mountain in Poland is described in treatise [4B] and in subsection G2.1 of monograph [5/3], while it is just mentioned in subsection V5.3.2 of monograph [1/5]).

#G3. The last komtur of Teutonic Knights from Malbork - was he a UFOnaut?

       God so creates all creatures, that into their anatomy and appearance is written also their character - as this is explained and documented in item #M1 from the web page day26.htm, while illustrated in "Fig. #G2d" above. In turn for UFOnauts to be able to implement on the Earth tasks which God set for them, they must have special attributes of their character - which attributes are to be reflected in their anatomy and appearance. It happens that the last komtur (great master) of Teutonic Knights from Malbork demonstrated all anatomic details, appearance, and even attributes of character, which are exactly similar to these unique for UFOnauts - for more details see the following photograph:

Fig. #G3.
Fig. #G3: Here are sculptures of the most prominent "Great Masters of Teutonic Knights" displayed in the Malbork castle from the northern Poland. It is worth to take notice of the master who on this photograph is shown on the last position to the right. He was Albrecht von Hohenzollern-Ansbach, the liquidator of the Teutonic Knights. He was enormously far-sighted in every his single move, as if he knew the future. For example it was him who in 1525 transformed the order of Teutonic Knights into the Prussia country from which with the elapse of time Hitler's Germany eventuated. It was also him who undermined the influences of Catholic church in his country through the official adoption of Lutheranism and by causing that all his subjects also changed into Lutherans. On the above photograph the interesting is his beard. This is because in such a form of splitting into two almost separate beards, the beard grows only in those who have such "buttock-shaped" protrusions in their chins so clearly shown in photograph from "Fig. #G2d". In turn the existence of such a "buttock-shaped" chin is usually a sign that the owner of it is a UFOnaut, not a human. Is it possible that the last of Great Masters from the Order of Teutonic Knights, and the first ruler of Prussia, was actually a UFOnaut? It is also worth to take notice of his shoes of rather a non-typical shape. Would it be possible that his feet also were slightly different from feet of normal people? (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.)
       Interesting can also be fact, that Osama Bin Ladin wears exactly the same beard that branches into two halves. Would it be possible that this fact explains why he is so illusive?
       As it stems from various historical data, Malbork from the very beginning was an object of special interest from UFOnauts. For example, everything indicates that it undergrounds of this castle was simulated a basis of UFOs. Further information about UFOnauts and their underground basis can be found on web pages named day26.htm and wroclaw_uk.htm.
       The above photograph is also shown and described on the web page on moral causes for all catastrophes, named day26.htm (see "Fig. #M3c" in there).

Part #H: Links between the Malbork Castle and the Chinese "feng shui":


#H1. "Feng shui", the energy axis, and the "Dragon Gate" of the Malbork Castle, the circulation of its intelligent "chi" energy:

       Ancient Chinese acquired the secret knowledge which explains how to configure the mutual positioning and attributes of physical objects so as to accomplish the intended change of the fate of people who live in the vicinity of these objects. This secret knowledge is known there under the name of feng shui. The knowledge of "feng shui" provides Chinese with such a supernatural control over their own fate, that many Chinese practice feng shui even today. According to the article "Feng shui now taught in school" published on the page B2 of the New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, January 9, 2008, the teaching of feng shui returned to Chinese schools. This return took place after a long break which lasted since 1949 when communists who newly took power forbide the teaching of this subject considering it to be a folklore superstition. The first school in China which in present times introduced to the syllabus the teaching of feng shui, was the high school in Xiamen from the rich province Fujian in south-east part of China. I personally watched feng shui in action and am fully aware that we should NOT ignore the influence that the symbolism and configuration of surrounding objects have at our fate.
       No many people is aware, that the Malbork Castle was erected according to principles of this Far-East (or more strictly - Chinese) secret knowledge of feng shui. These principles were utilised so as to reinforce supernatural powers of residents of the castle. One piece of evidence of this fulfilment the secret knowledge of feng shui by the design of the Malbork Castle, is the existence on this castle the "energy axis", and also the existence of symbols which determined this axis and thus which induced the circulation of the intelligent energy by Chinese called "chi". (The scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the "counter-matter" this carrier of intelligence that is the source of this "chi" energy.) This "energy axis" of the castle is defined in Malbork by two symbols. The first of these symbols was this ill-omened figure of Virgin Mary described before and shown on photographs from "Fig. #C2" above. It was located on the eastern side of the castle and formed the inlet pole of it for the "chi" energy circulation. The second symbol iof this axis was the "frog" on the top of the "Water Gate" located on the western side of the castle. This frog is shown on the photograph from "Fig. #H1" below. It formed the inlet pole for the "chi" energy. In this way it created for the castle of what the ancient secret knowledge of "feng shui" from China calls the "Dragon Gate". Both these symbols together formed a powerful vector of circulation and expansion of energy, which added to the Order of Teutonic Knights a whole array of supernatural powers and expansion capabilities - the full force of which the Slavonic ancestors of present Poles experienced heavily on their own skins.

Fig. #H1a(top)
Fig. #H1b(bottom)
Fig. #H1ab: The appearance of the frog from the top of "Water Gate" in the Malbork Castle. This frog for the Chinese "feng shui" is an inlet symbol, which defines the so-called "Dragon Gate" for the energy axis of the Malbork Castle. (A "Dragon Gate" according to the ancient wisdom of "feng shui" is a highly symbolic entrance gate which provides a gives human settlement with everything that is later converting into its power, significance, and wealth. The "chi" energy that incomes through this gate is transformed in a given human settlement into the development and expansion, which are carried out through the outlet pole of a given human settlement - in case of the Malbork Castle through the activities of the church in the niche of which the outlet symbol was located, means the Figure of Virgin Mary and the Holy Infant Jesus.)
       (Part a - top) The appearance of the frog itself, standing at the top of a triangular pedestal located in the centre of the "Water Gate". This frog is also discussed in the caption under the photograph from "Fig. 26" on the web page about the town of Milicz.
       (Part b - bottom) The appearance of the "Water gate" in the centre of which this frog is placed. This gate can be seen approximately in the left-centre of the above photograph from part "b". It is also described on the photograph from "Fig. #11" of the web page about the city of Wrocław.

#H2. Chinese "feng shui" is an excellent illustration for the principle used by God, that "people always receive whatever they strongly believe in":

       In His interactions with humans, God adopted the principle, that He "always gives to people in whatever they believe strongly". The work of this principle is described on a number of totaliztic web pages, so it is NOT going to be repeated here. One amongst best such descriptions reader can find in (4) from item #J1 on the totaliztic web page named quake.htm and in item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm.
       The learning about this principle of God's actions given to our hands the capability to utilise it to various practical applications. For example, it can be utilised for an effective self-healing without the use of any medicines - see descriptions of my own method of just such self-healing presented in items #G1 and #G2 from the totaliztic web page named healing.htm. It can also be utilised e.g. for delaying the arrival of cataclysms - as this is described in items #J1 and #P5.1 from the totaliztic web page named quake.htm.

Part #I: Historic curiosities of the Malbork Castle:


#I1. Virgins walled up in towers, romantic heroes:

       Almost every old castle has numerous romantic stories attached to it. In the Malbork castle until today a tower is standing, in which Aldona supposed to be cemented, lover of the hero from poem by Mickiewicz, named Konrad Wallenrod (actually the real name of that cemented lady was Dorota). Here is what the mentioned earlier publication "Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i Innych Krajów Słowiańskich" published in Warszawa in 1884, on page 943 under the word "Malbork", writes about this unique tower (in my own translation):
       "Not far from the slaughter house, by the Nogat riverside, there is a tower called "Buttermilk Tower" (in Polish: Wieża Maślankowa), 25 meters tall; this name commonly used is based on the story that supposedly peasants from Zuławy, because of their wealth, gained such a pride, that the Great Master, in order to temper their pride, ordered them to use milk by-products to build this tower. But most probably this is just a story, because this tower build in 1412 was originally called "Rounded", while the name "Buttermilk Tower" was given to it only around 1596, when the Malbork commanding officer Kostka, 4 advisers from Lichnów, who delayed the supply of butter and buttermilk, ordered to lock in this tower for punishment. In this tower poet Mickiewicz placed the heroine Aldone in his poem "Konrad Wallenrod"; perhaps he heard of the virgin being cemented alive in there, although it was Blessed Dorota, who was born in 1347 in Matowy, while the last years of her life she spend in Cathedral in Kwidzyń, where she died walled up in a cell in 1394." (Notice, that the present appearance of the cell from Kwidzyn Cathedral, in which Blessed Dorota was walled up, is shown and described in "Fig. #D6(a)" from the separate web page named milicz_uk.htm.)
      So much in the above dictionary about that tower. I should add that the tower was destroyed in 1945, and reconstructed in 1958, and also that on the top of it is placed a clearly visible from a long distance a metal plate figurine of a woman making butter in a churn.

Fig. #I1: The Buttermilk Tower in the Malbork castle.
Fig. #I1: The Buttermilk Tower. It was in this tower that at least one historically documented case of a female was walled alive.
       As this is known about habits of various people in power from medieval times, such towers were their favourite places for stacking individuals that were inconvenient for them. For example, when some time ago a similar tower was opened in Paczków town (southern part of Poland), a room was discovered in it, filled up with human skeletons up until the ceiling. As it turned out, people who ruled Paczków, had this bad habit of throwing into that tower through a small window in the ceiling, every person whom they would not like for some reason. Because that room had only one entrance, that in the ceiling, whoever was thrown into it, never managed to get out. Thus probably this poor woman locked in the tower shown here still was quite lucky, as she managed to finish her life cemented in a cell in Kwidzyń cathedral, not in the dark interior of that tower.

#I2. Medieval tunnels under the Nogat river:

       Practically all medieval castles had underground tunnels which were used as their hidden communication or escape roots. Typical design and properties of such tunnels are well illustrated in the small Polish township called Paczków, which still has medieval walls around it (Paczków is located around 80 kilometres to the south from Wroclaw). Such medieval tunnels that were discovered around Paczków, revealed that they were usually so designed, that a messenger (or an escapee) could ride a horse in them. Usually they started in a well of a given castle, or from one of the hidden cellars. Photographs of this type of tunnels are shown on two web pages, namely on Milicz and Wszewilki. The Malbork castle is no exception from this rule. Before the World War 2 a huge underground tunnel going under the Nogat river was accidentally unearthed, and then covered again. A photograph of this tunnel was published in a local newspaper.

#I3. Hidden treasures:

       As every old castle, also the Malbork castle is overgrown with numerous legends regarding hidden treasures from various periods of its history. This section is to describe some of them.
The gradual presentation of further mysteries and curious aspects of the Malbork castle, and further details regarding mysteries already discussed here, is to be continued. Therefore, please feel free to visit this page again.

Part #J: How the puzzle of my duel with the commander of Teutonic Knights from the castle in Polish Olsztyn induced my interests in reincarnation and in the Teutonic Knights:


#J1. My conversation with ghost of the commander of Teutonic Knights from the Polish castle in Olsztyn, which puzzles me to this day:

       This happened in one of the final years of my studies at the Technical University of Wroclaw. During less busy days from learning I visited the family of my girlfriend of that time, to spend together pleasant evenings on various entertainments and social games. That particular evening her sister named Lodka showed us how to call ghosts with the aid of a saucer and a sheet of paper with hand-scrawled letters and digits. (This particular sheet of paper in English is called the "wigi board" - under which name the descriptions and illustrations of it can be found on the Internet.)
       Seven of us present at that time sat around a table and laid their fingers on the saucer reversed upside-down. According to the tradition of such ghost sessions we also switched off the electric light and we lit a candle - the moving flame of which created shadows that introduced a kind of weird mood. At that time I was an atheist by conviction - as it is described in item #G3 from my web page named cielcza_uk.htm. So I believed absolutely in the "scientific worldview" that was instilled in us during the years of studies. Moreover, at that time I still did not know that in the Bible are expressly prohibited all contacts with ghosts of dead people. So I treated this "Ouija" as another source of social fun. When a saucer twitched almost immediately under our fingers after we putted hands on it and called loudly a nearby ghost to reveal itself, I was convinced that either someone (e.g. Lodka) is "pulling our legs" and pushes the saucer with her fingers, or that several out of the group ganged together to have a fun at the expense of others. My suspicions intensified even more when the arriving ghost inscribed my name with the alphabet from the wigi board and began a conversation solely with me.
       The first information we received was a request of that ghost addressed personally to me, that I said a prayer for his soul. So in order to "tune in" to the "fun", I started a discussion with him. I began by asking why he is so interested that an atheist like myself is to say a prayer for his soul. He then explained that it stems from our previous lives. Namely, he was the commander of the Teutonic Knights that resided in the castle from Olsztyn, Poland, while I was the commander of the Polish knights who laid siege to this castle. Thus, in order to end the siege he called me to a duel, and suggested that whichever one of us gets killed in this duel, then either my knights abandon the siege, or his Teutonic Knights surrender the castle without further fighting. I honourably agreed to this duel, which took place in front of all the fighting men on both sides. However, during the duel he killed me by surprise, in a highly unfair manner that was inconsistent with the former ethics of knighthood. (No wonder that since the childhood I have some inherent bias against swords, bayonets and knives, as well as that I am engulfed with sickness at the sight of blood, or while just listening to descriptions of violent events.) For a punishment, after the death he has been sentenced to penance until the time when I recite a prayer for his soul.
       After hearing this story I began to be sure that someone present in that ghost-session had conspired with others to have a fun at my expense. Perhaps they wanted to hear how I am going to say a loud prayer in their presence. After all, from the lessons of history in my high school, I did not recall any mention that the Polish Olsztyn ever belonged to the Teutonic Knights. Furthermore, how it is possible that a Teutonic Knight (i.e. a German national) conversed with me in the modern Polish language. So in order to spoil this conspiracy, I said to this ghost that while being an atheist, I do not remember any prayer that I could recite for his soul. For this he replied that he knows that I frequently use the University Library on the Szajnocha street in Wroclaw, Poland, so he is to give me the reference-number (library signature) of a short pamphlet in the collection from this library, and enough for him will be for a prayer if I attentively read that brochure. This statement of the ghost made me wonder, because none of those present at the table did know that I often spend my time studying just in that library, and probably none of them was ever visiting that scientific library from the university. (From among those present, I was the only person who studied at the university level.) Since the agreeing to the proposal of that ghost of Teutonic Knight NOT threatened me with any sociable embarrassment, I agreed that I will read attentively that pamphlet. The ghost gave me the reference-number (library signature), which I meticulously wrote down, after which he thanked me, and the saucer stopped to move (become still).
       The library signature of that pamphlet was unusual for the university library. For it was very short - only five or six digits. It also contained NO letters, while virtually all of the books from this library that I ordered previously, always included letters in their signatures. So some time later I went to this library, more out of curiosity than out of conviction. I expected that when I order something with the reference number given to me by this ghost, most likely to be seen that there is NO a book with this signature in the entire that library, or - in the best case, it turns out that this book is a textbook of, for example, botany, or e.g. encyclopaedia of agriculture. However, to my surprise, after the ordering that book, they brought to me a small booklet about the size of a typical 16-page school notebook. When I opened it, I almost fell off my chair. The booklet proved to be a kind of story (or a summary of the life and the list of virtues) that a group of friends wrote about their friend who just died in the eighteenth-century city of Kraków, Poland. The entire content of it contained firstly a short paragraph discussing subsequent something good that the dead man had done, after which there was quoted another prayer for the peace of his soul. Then there was another one small paragraph and another prayer. Etc. To be sure of the fulfilment of my promise, I read the brochure attentively several times. Then I left the library with a confusion in my mind. The entire event with that ghost calling, makes me wonder until today.

#J2. My verifications of statements of ghost of the commander of Teutonic Knights from the Polish castle in Olsztyn, and the actuality of reincarnation:

       The puzzling correctness of the library reference-number given to me by the ghost of the commander of Teutonic Knights from the castle in Olsztyn, Poland, bothering me enormously. After all, it was too sophisticated and too complex to be only the product of a joke of participants in this ghost session. So I decided that within my capability I am going to undertake a verification of the rest of information that we acquired during that session of ghosts' calling. Unfortunately, I am not a historian, and also I am always too busy throughout my life, to find time to search through historical documents - not to mention the fact that after my emigrating to New Zealand I do NOT have any access to the historical sources regarding the Teutonic Knights. However, by some strange "coincidence" an opportunity to make the first such checks presented itself to me. (I used quotes here, because in a world ruled by omnipotent God there is NO such thing as a "coincidence" or "accident" - as it is explained in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm.) Namely, shortly after the graduation I was sent by the Polish army to the city of Olsztyn for several months to be trained as an officer (which was also a strange "coincidence", as it was apparently in that city that I had died as an officer and the commander of a warring army of knights). So just during the first pass to the city I went to look whether there is a fortified castle in Olsztyn. To my surprise, I actually found the ruins of an old castle. It was somewhere on the grounds of the foreland of that castle that I supposed to die in my previous incarnation. To even a greater my shock, by these ruins of the castle an information board was posted which stated that in some specified years this castle was in hands of Teutonic Knights. So it seemed, that the story told to me by the ghost of the Teutonic Knights' commander from that castle could be true. What was even more intriguing, the story contained a whole range of information which none of the participants of that ghost session could have known (for example, in spite of the high level of the education in my favourite history classes from the Lyceum in Milicz, I myself did NOT know that the fortified castle from Olsztyn was once in hands of the Teutonic Knights, nor even did know that Olsztyn had once its own fortified castle - not to mention here puzzles of the library reference number of this booklet with prayers). Of course, in order the story was actually true, there had to be something that we call "reincarnation". So starting from that time, I began my studies of all available information concerning reincarnation - for example see item #C4 from my web page named bible.htm. After all, a lot of books on reincarnation was already written. So I managed to get and to read a few of such books. In addition, from time to time mass media also provide various information on that subject - as an example see the article "11,000 parents agree: kids say the creepiest things", from page B5 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Thursday, May 2, 2013), containing, among others a statement of 4-year-old boy who told his parents that when he was still a girl, he fell off a cliff and died. Thus, I closely followed, amongst others, the content of such information.
       In order my research on reincarnation make even more effective, I have learned the art of hypnotizing people. Then I started to shift hypnotized friends and acquaintances to their previous incarnations, so that this way I could reveal any facts which would allow me to check their objective historical truth.
       Virtually each one amongst my friends and acquaintances, that kindly agreed to be hypnotized, I was able to shift back to a previous life (incarnation). Every single one of them described to me under hypnosis an interesting event from his or her past life. But as a scientist seeking objective "evidence", NOT just interesting descriptions of events, I must admit that the majority of these descriptions have NOT included the data that would allow me an objective and impartial confirmation of their truth on the historical material available to me. Only in two cases, such a confirmation I managed to find. (More precisely, the confirmation for the "reincarnation" was discreetly foisted to me by a strange coincidence and by fate - thus fulfilling the unique principle of mobilizing people to seek the truth, which I myself discovered only recently and which is described in item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm, and which states that "if we believe in something so strongly, that we are ready to take action on the basis of this belief, then content of this our belief is discreetly confirmed with a subjective evidence typically made available only to us - regardless of whether this our belief is true or false".)
       The first out of these two cases confirming the "reincarnation", was my co-worker on a New Zealand Polytechnic. Already from the very first moment when I saw her I was shocked. This is because back in the days of my senior year at the high school, I was tempted to enter to undergrounds of the previously-existing wooden church in Trzebicko near Milicz, Poland, which was built back in 1571. (The photograph of that previously-existing church from Trzebicko build in 1571 is shown in "Figure K1(b)" from my English monograph [1e] - click on this (green) link to check whether it is also available at this address, as well as in "Fig. #D23" from the web page named milicz_uk.htm - click on this (green) link to check whether it is also available at this address. Unfortunately, today that old church from Trzebicko is no longer there. Shortly before my visit in Poland in 2004, it was replaced by a new church shown in "Fig. #D23(b)" from the web page named milicz_uk.htm - click on this (green) link to check whether it is also available at this address.) In the undergrounds of this old church in Trzebicko I saw the incorruptible body of a young, beautiful woman with fair hair and an upturned nose. Descriptions of events that led me up to seeing that woman are provided in the caption under "Fig. #D23" from the web page named milicz_uk.htm. The unusual and unique appearance of her remains stays in my memory until today. But what is the strangest, the same woman with an unique appearance I saw 20 years later alive in New Zealand. Her name was Anna and she worked as a lecturer at the same Polytechnic as myself. She was very talented artistically and had a remarkable wisdom - in fact I estimate that the level of her intelligence was even higher than mine. Also still her the most favourite long corduroy skirt was the same colour, shape and appearance as the plush (velveteen) dress in which she was buried in Trzebicko. Of course, I was so fascinated by this whole event that I became friends with this woman. She also agreed that I hypnotized her several times and shifted her back in time to her previous lives. Under hypnosis she remembered a whole range of different her previous incarnations. To my dismay, however, I was unable to shift her back to her incarnation from Trzebicko. But during one of these shifting back she described to me her life as the daughter of a pottery maker from the ancient Inca in Peru. The name that she had in there she could not pronounce, but she explained to me that it is the local name of a beautiful bird. In that incarnation she was a witness of the arrival to their Inca village of the former Inca ruler of Peru, along with his entourage. Although in the force was the prohibition to look at this ruler, she pretended that she is keeping her head down, but she was discreetly glancing at what was going on. Thus, she was able to accurately describe to me what this ruler was wearing, how looked like a stretcher made of gold on which he was carried, how looked like their clothing and jewellery, as well as describe to me the appearance of pots that she helped her father to paint. After the hypnosis session was finished she sketched for me a lot of the patterns which she saw under hypnosis (she was a very talented painter). So in the end I had something that I could verify historically. When we both started a long search in historical literature to check patterns drawn by her, and events that she reported, suddenly an announcement appeared that to the city of Dunedin (in New Zealand) arrived from Peru a visiting exhibition called "Oro del Peru" (i.e. "Gold of Peru"), which included dozens of cultural objects from the ancient Inca period. Of course, we both immediately went to see this exhibition. To the unspeakable shock of both her and myself, on that exhibition was exposed almost everything that she saw, described, and drew for me during the hypnotic session. So there were exposed NOT only pots identical to those that she helped to paint, and that were fired by her Inca father, but also the identical clothing, jewellery, and even the gold stretcher on which the Inca ruler was carried around the village. The shock of both of us was complete, while since then we both, she and I, started to deeply believe in reincarnation. In addition, admiring the huge knowledge, intelligence and talents of Anna, and also knowing about her much higher than in other people number of incarnations into different individuals, I formulated in my mind a working hypothesis, which verification I started from that time, that the "intelligence, knowledge of life, the level of mental skills and talents of each person, are proportional to the number of incarnations into different people through which this person has already gone".
       The second case, which I also started to regard as giving me a reason to believe in reincarnation, took place in New Zealand as well. When I worked at the University of Otago in Dunedin, I befriended a woman named Bev, which was fascinated by ships and by seas. Since Dunedin has its own sea port, whenever this port was visited by a new ship, the woman always had to see it up close, and if she could, even go onto the board and explore it thoroughly. This woman agreed to be hypnotized by me and to be shifted back to her previous life. It so happened, that immediately after shifting her to a previous life, she moved to the times when in the ancient Egypt she was the wife of an owner of the entire fleet of merchant ships. She had no talent for drawing, so she only verbally described to me how these ships looked like. Especially well she described to me the ship, the captain of which was her lover, and thus which she visited most frequently - that ship also belonged to the fleet owned by her husband. Her descriptions coincided exactly with what I knew about the design and appearance of ancient Egyptian ships. Thus, in conjunction with that difficult to rational explanation her fascination with the sea-going vessels, which survived in her until her present life, I believe that her descriptions also provided me a valid evidence for the existence of reincarnation, on which I could rely.
       However, I am a scientist by vocation and I have a habit to constantly compare everything to the reality that surrounds us. In turn, all this my many years long research into the evidence for the existence of reincarnation led to the finding, that in the vast majority of cases, descriptions of one's past life are always so skilfully formulated, as if on purpose they do NOT contain any historically verifiable information. However, from the everyday life it is known, that practically in almost every day of our life something happens that has a link to historically verifiable facts - for example, we see a building, monument, unique clothing, important person, we hear a name, read a newspaper or a book, etc. In turn, if someone (like my friend Anna) already has an access to the historically verifiable information from previous lives, then suddenly appears a vast amount of this information. In total, according to my life experience, the repetition of just such a pattern in almost all reports about reincarnation, quite strongly indicates that for some reasons the idea of reincarnation is intentionally "simulated" ("fabricated") by someone with supernatural powers and with a significant influence onto memory and sub-conscience of people.

#J3. A new light which onto our believes about reincarnation was shone by outcomes of author's research on methods used in God's acting:

Motto: "God mastered to perfection the two-stage, reliable method of persuading people to initiate research and to search for truth, which He widely applies both, to individual intellects as well as to entire group intellects (e.g. to the entire human science). Namely, at the very beginning God (1) "fabricates" for the use of a given intellect the apparent body of evidence which seems to confirm the previous beliefs of a given intellect. But when this intellect is already involved in researching a given topic and is sure of the absolute truth of his (or its) previous beliefs, then God (2) reveals to him (or it) the actual body of evidence which documents falseness of these previous beliefs, so that the intellect sufficiently humble, moral, and devoted to truth, which thus is able to admit that was wrong, can repeat his (or its) research from the very beginning.

       One of the most important instincts about which the philosophy of totalizm discovered, that it is permanently embedded into the human nature, is the overwhelming desire that if we really love and respect someone, then we want to know everything about the object of our love. It is because of this instinct, that all people who believe in God, spend an enormous amount of time studying either the Bible or requirements of their religion. It is also because of this instinct that I myself (i.e. the author of this web page) spend almost all my time available on scientific researching of God and on researching God's methods of acting. In turn one of the products of my research on methods of God's actions, is that they shed a completely different light on everything that I previously established about the "reincarnation", that is on all that apparent "evidence" that I described in the previous items #J1 and #J2 from this web page.
       My research on methods of God's actions were initiated due to a shocking discovery which I accomplished as late as in 2007. This discovery revealed to me that God "fabricates" UFOs and UFOnauts in order to persuade people to abandon the superficial treatment of scientific research - so characteristic for today's works of professional scientists representing the old so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. this science to which I refer the reader in descriptions from item #A1 of this web page), and start to put more "heart" and "wisdom" into their efforts of truth finding. Soon later I also discovered, that together with every action that God takes, He also "simulates" ("fabricates") at least three different categories of evidence, which - depending on the philosophies of people, allow to explain this God's action in at least three different manners - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm. Both above my discoveries about the intentional "simulating" ("fabricating") of evidence by God, change completely the rules of searching for truths. This is because before accomplishing these discoveries, in all human research it was automatically assumed, that if there is found a body of evidence, then whatever this evidence is indicated must be the absolute truth. (E.g. it was assumed, that if "bones of dinosaurs" are discovered than this means, that dinosaurs really lived on the Earth.) However, after accomplishing these discoveries it turned out, that if there is some kind of evidence, still this evidence could be "simulated" by God in order to enable accomplishing some other superior God's goals, and thus this evidence cannot be taken as a definitive proof of what it seems to indicate. (E.g. after these discoveries it turns out, that if the science finds "bones of dinosaurs", then the goal for which these bones were "fabricated" may be e.g. persuading the science to consider the fact of existence of God and to consider the power of God’s creation, NOT just to categorically confirm that such dinosaurs actually lived on the Earth.)
       Already that first my discovery, about the "simulation" ("fabrication") of evidence by God, gives us a lot to think about these previous my findings regarding "reincarnation" that are described in previous items #J1 and #J2 from this web page. After all, it reveals to us, that in order to achieve His superior divine goals, God frequently "fabricates" deliberately (or "simulates") the apparent kinds of evidence. However, a true understanding of the situation was accomplished when I discovered the fact which is described, among others, in item #A2.2 from the web page named totalizm.htm - namely, when I discovered that one of the standard methods of God's actions boils down to the fact that every intellect (e.g. each individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, etc.) always receives from God the unique for their beliefs confirmation of the consequences of whatever this intellect deeply believes and on the basis of which believes this intellect takes its actions. This is because the learning of that standard methods of God's action made me realize, that at the time described in item #J1, God apparently read out from my mind, that deeply down I believe in the possibility of reincarnation. Therefore, in order to encourage me for starting the intensive researching the truth about reincarnation, God probably "fabricated" ("simulated") all this apparent "evidence" that is presented in items #J1 and #J2 from this web page.
       At this point I should emphasize, that the words "fabricated" and "simulated" that I use here, are very crude words and they do not describe accurately what God really did. After all, they have been developed to describe human behaviours, NOT the behaviour of the being so perfect and so almighty as God. Unfortunately, these are the only words which so-far the humanity has coined and that, although with the great approximation, still describe the actions and methods that in the case discussed here God decided to implement in His infinite wisdom and foresight. Therefore, when reading these words, the reader should mentally apply the correction on the crudeness and inadequacy of the language which we humans use to describe mainly themselves, so that after the introduction of such a mental amendment, the words of this language have also become relevant for the expression of the positive, focused on welfare and progress of the whole of humanity and the universe, filled with love for the people, actions of all-powerful and all-knowing God.
       After I discovered, that those my "evidence" on reincarnation could be intentionally "fabricated" by God to encourage me to seek an objective scientific truth on this subject, I started a systematic search for such an objective evidence that could confirm the fact that the "reincarnation" in the form in which it is commonly believed, in fact, can be just a divine "simulation". As it turned out, there is enough of such evidence to make me pretty sure, that the reincarnation of our souls in humans different than ourselves (or in other entities) does NOT exist. Below I am going to present these categories of such evidence, which I have already managed to identify and to pre-test. However, I am warning here the reader, that so-far has NOT been obtained the enough definitive proof, that it would decisively deny the existence of reincarnation in the generally believed form. Thus, the evidence which I present below should be taken as a preliminary scientific premises that strongly suggests the non-existence of reincarnation, but which still require further testing with the highly accurate and objective scientific methods, and also require the future reformatting into the form of a formal scientific proof - similar to the proofs already presented in item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm. So here are categories of evidence which so-far I have found that they strongly deny the existence of reincarnation:
       1. The "fabrication" by God of apparent evidence to encourage people to seek the truth. Already was identified a wealth of evidence which conclusively confirmed, that in every case where there is a need, that from the position of someone's lack of interest in research, this someone was transformed into vigorously carrying out the research, the actual source of this transformation is an "apparent evidence fabricated by God". And so, for the entire institutions a perfect example of such an "apparent evidence" is the discovery of "bones of dinosaurs" described in item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm. In turn for individual people, a perfect example are the divine fabrications of UFOs and UFOnauts described in item #L2 from the web page named magnocraft.htm. Since God is routinely "manufacturing" such apparent evidence, one should also take into account, that especially for me God also "fabricated" that "evidence" which is described in items #J1 and #J2 from this web page. Especially, that very easy "fabrication" of such "evidence" lies in the basic capabilities of God.
       2. "The path of the highest error" - along which God leads all people who seek the truth. Among the already identified standard methods and principles of God's actions, one could be called "the path of the highest error". As it turns out, whenever anyone amongst people seeks a truth, always to this truth he or she is led along that "path of the highest error". It means, before people get to know that objective truth, they must first exhaust their recognising for this truth of all the different kinds of untruths that are relevant to a given truth. Only when people have run out of untruths which can be considered as a given truth, then very reluctantly and at the very end they acknowledge this objective truth. As it turns out, this fact that the most of people started to recognize the existence of reincarnation as an objective truth, coincides exactly with the work of that divine principle that people must reach the objective truth that "there is NO reincarnation", by going just along such a path of the highest error. This means, that firstly people for the truth recognize the foisted falsehood of reincarnation, and only at the very end they are to recognise the objective truth confirmed for them in the Bible, that the improvement of the characteristics and nature of the people is carried out by the repeated living through their own (the same) life.
       3. The work of so-called. "omniplan" with which God manages time. This "omniplan" is described in item #C3 of the web page named immortality.htm. In turn the work of this "omniplan" is, amongst others, such that until the end of the world the soul of each person must wait in readiness to be returned to the body of that person, because every time when God introduces an improvement to the past, to which improvement a given person is related, then God brings this person back to life - just as God himself admits this in the Bible (for details see item #B4.1 from the abovementioned web page named immortality.htm). Only that just after such a return to life, that person lives according to a different scenario that God has already recorded into the "program of life and fate" of this person, and that all previous passes through the same period of time has been completely erased from the memory of that person - although remains from them the so-called "deja vu". Since the soul of every person must all the time wait in the readiness of becoming alive again when there is a need for it because God is correcting something in the time in which this person is living (which correcting requires that this person must live and physically participate in such a correction), then this soul cannot simultaneously be reincarnated into a different person living in different times. By the way, I personally knew a person described in items #C2 and #E1 from the web page named boiler.htm, which most probably died in 1998, but in 2007 was again revived in the manner described here, in order to assist in correcting the situation with the free energy.
       4. The errors and distortions which each religion accumulates over time. As I already explained this on several different occasions, e.g. in item #D1 of this web page, or in item #G4 from the web page named god_proof.htm, imperfect people bring over time increasingly more misinterpretations and distortions to virtually every existing religion. To indicate here examples of such distortions and misinterpretations already detected in e.g. such common religion on the Earth as Catholicism, I suggest to consider the commandment of God that is mentioned in "- 0 " from item #C7 of this web page, and to compare it with the so-called "cult of the Virgin Mary" practiced by Catholics, or, for example, to compare what the religion practiced by the reader is telling to people about the "hell" and compare this with the description of "hell" provided in the Bible, or, for example, try to find in the Bible descriptions of "purgatory" or "limbo" - in the existence of which Catholics believe for centuries (the origin of the idea of "limbo" is described, amongst others, in item #F9 from the web page named god.htm). This mean, that the older is a given religion, and the richer is the imagination of the nation which practices this religion, the more misinterpretations and distortions already creep into it. In turn, it so happens that the idea of "reincarnation" originates from the Hindu religion - which is one of the oldest religions in our world, and also which is practiced by Hindus known all over the world from their rather vivid imagination. So probably the today's understanding of the idea of "reincarnation" is the result of distortions that these Hindus introduced to explanations which they have received from God on the subject of use of the human soul in the work of "omniplan" - already described in the previous category "3" of the evidence. (Alternatively, this idea may also be, for example, an outcome of the change of methods used by God for perfecting human souls. For example, soon after the creation of the physical world and after the teaching of people how to practice Hinduism, God could actually improve human souls with the help of reincarnation. However, after the development of Christianity God could discover empirically that much more efficient than reincarnation is to improve souls of people through the repetition of their lives via the "omniplan".) The work of this "omniplan" also requires that (like in reincarnation) the souls are "incarnated" and perfected during the development and improvement of the universe. Only that this incarnation according to the "omniplan" must always occur into the same (our) body.
       5. The statements of the Bible. As we all know, every religion provides a wealth of information as to what is happening to us after the death. Unfortunately, as explained above in "4" above, all religions are full of misinterpretations originating from people who controlled them. But if we carefully examine the Bible, then it turns out that the information provided in there on this subject is surprisingly sparse, so that it can be summarised in just a few sentences. Yet the Bible (and other holy books), NOT the claims of religions deviated over the time, indeed represent the objective truth on this subject passed to us by God Himself. As it turns out, the Bible does NOT contain even a single direct and unequivocal confirmation, that the reincarnation does exist. Though it contains a number of statements, such as those discussed in item #C4 from the web page named bible.htm, which can be interpreted as a possibility of reincarnation, but with the interpreting of the word of God we must be very careful. (Especially if these interpretations are NOT independently confirmed by a scientific model which proves itself to be corresponding to the reality - for example, by the "omniplan" described in "3" above, or by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or by the philosophy of totalizm.) What is even more meaningful, every statement from the Bible about what happens to us after the death, precisely coincides with what stems from the theoretical model of "omniplan" described in "3" above. And so, according to the Bible, at the time of death we go from an active "life" into the state of "sleep" (but devoid of dreams) - which our "sleep" continues until the time when God again "awakes" us to subject us to the "final judgement". So this our sleep is similar to that of the "temporary shutdown of a computer" from the "analogy of film" used in item #C3 of the web page immortality.htm to explain the action of "omniplan". Even more interestingly, during the "sleep", our souls at all time are ready for a restoring to life and to reliving the time that through which we already lived - if God decides to make a further improvement in the times in which we live, and if this improvement requires our action as a physical person (hence origins of our "deja vu"). After the "awakening" to be subjected to that "final judgment", according to the Bible we find ourselves back in our body, and depending on the character traits that we have acquired in your physical life and according to the morality of our actions, we are assigned to one out of two groups, i.e. either to (a) a large group of people for the final and irreversible burn, or to (b) a few people whose qualities, character and morality turn to be useful for the implementation of the further God's goals, and thus to whose it will be given to physically live indefinitely long and happily in the next physical world that God is to create in the future. Those people (a) burned then, will never again be brought back to life - that's why their second death is described in the Bible as the final death which will last for all eternity. Also, according to the Bible, only a very small handful of almost perfect people from the group (b) will be chosen by God for this future second happy physical life of the unlimited length. My analysis suggest, that perhaps the most important requirement that these people must satisfy, is their usefulness as the "soldiers of God" explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm. Hence the number of these people from category (b) is to be less than one-third of the world's population, means the number which is to populate then only a single flying city of the future - in the Bible called "New Jerusalem". For example, into the number of people chosen by God to this future heavenly life, are NOT going to be included rich people from the present physical life. (Probably because the rich people produce in themselves the characteristics and nature which induce in them a constant desire to "have more" - which attributes never allow them to be really happy with what already has been given to them, and what they already have, and thus which prevent them from accomplishing the state of nirvana and from focusing themselves exclusively on achieving higher goals than just the desire to have "more and more". In turn we know, that if amongst the future residents of the New Jerusalem there were such people unhappy for any reason, then they would have made unhappy also all other unfortunate people who would be in contact with them.)
       In the Biblical description of this flying "New Jerusalem", provided in the Book of Revelation (21 and 22), are contained several highly intriguing features and details, that are worth examining. For example, an intriguing are reasons for which these descriptions are very similar to descriptions by ancient Israelites of discoidal UFO vehicle type K7 named "Eden" - discussed in subsections P6.1 and G2.5 from volumes respectively 14 and 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], and in item #C2 from my web page named god_exists.htm. Only that this flying New Jerusalem most clearly is to be the four-propulsor (cubical) UFO of the T12 type, with a square base of a side length equal to 1123.5 meters - described more comprehensively e.g. in chapter D from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5], and also described e.g. in item #F2 from the web page named magnocraft.htm, or in item #G1 from the web page named explain.htm. Another intriguing feature of the "New Jerusalem" is the fact, that this city is a kind of interstellar spacecraft constantly flying in space, rather than the city permanently mounted on a planet - such as today's earthly cities are. The point is, that by using such a city in the form of an interstellar-vehicle, God will be able to ride the future people to various star systems, in which previously He has already prepared a "simulations" (or "copies") of other worlds. In turn by confronting people with creatures that populate these simulations of other worlds, God will be able to train and to toughen His future "soldiers of God" - as it is explained in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm and in item #L6 from the web page named magnocraft.htm.
       6. The mismatch of "reincarnation" with other processes designed by God, means with e.g. the "omniplan", travelling through time, the final judgement, etc. For example, the implementation of the reincarnation cycle prevents, or at least hinders, the implementation of "omniplan" - as it was explained in "3" above. If someone's soul is reincarnated, the owner of it cannot also travel through time to other eras. In addition, people who are reincarnated many times are NOT suitable for a fair judgement in the so-called "final judgment", because e.g. it is not known whether it would be fair to judge them on the best or on the worst incarnation. Etc., etc.
       7. The data and "coincidences" embedded into the events that I comment here. If we consider the matter thoroughly, the nature and the course of events described in the previous items #J1 and #J2, as well as the type of information that was then revealed to me, also strongly deny the possibility that in fact at that time was taking place my conversation with the ghost of the commander of the Teutonic Knights from the Olsztyn castle, but rather these confirm the possibility that in fact I conversed then with the God's "simulation" of the ghost of that commander. There is a lot of details in these events, which seem to confirm this fact. For example, the use of modern Polish language. After all, the Teutonic Knights were Germans. How, then, the ghost of the medieval Teutonic Knight could have known so well the Polish language in its modern form, that he understood me perfectly, and that he erroneously conversed with me, writing every single word. Or the matter of the Library. In times of Teutonic Knights did NOT exist universities' research libraries. So how a medieval Teutonic Knight, whose main skill in life was to cut off human heads with his sward, was able to fathom the intricacies of the operation of a modern library, how he knew what is a "book reference number (signature)", and how he have found in advance what reference number (signature) has this only booklet amongst the thousands of books from the collection of the University Library at the Szajnocha street, which I was required to read. How he found out what is written in that booklet. Not mentioning the fact, how this ghost knew in advance, that I am to refuse him an immediate saying the prayer for his soul, and thus that he will need a reference number (signature) of this particular brochure from the library in which I typically was learning. (But God of course would know in advance about my refusal, because of the principles on which works the divine "omniplan" described in "3" above.) Let us also consider the array of these "coincidences". God can pre-program them in advance with the help of His "omniplan". However, the ghost of the Teutonic Knight was not able to cause, that e.g. "coincidently" I was sent by the army to be trained in Olsztyn, or that "accidentally" by the ruins of the Olsztyn castle someone placed an information sign which wrote that this castle was in certain years in hands of the Teutonic Knights. In total, the nature and the course of these events clearly suggest that for the superior reasons they were "simulated" by God, and that they were NOT the actual encounter with the ghost of the Teutonic Knight who killed me in one of my previous incarnations.
* * *
       Of course, the superior-being so perfect as God, does nothing without an important reason. Therefore, another highly important issue, which also it would be beneficial to examine, is why God let me experience those extraordinary events. For example, is it possible that for some important reasons God decided to confront the increasingly widely disseminated beliefs in reincarnation, with the scientific rationale denying the existence of reincarnation? (If YES, then why?)

#J4. As this is illustrated by the example below of a conversation of the Russian marshal Konev with the materialization of the icon of God's Mother from Czestochowa in Poland, practically every person experiences a supernatural event at some stage of the life - but the reaction of every person is different:

       My descriptions of the hostile towards Polish people idol of Madonna from Malbork, induced a lot of interesting reactions from readers. The content of one amongst emails that was sent to me within this reaction, is worth discussing here. This is because it illustrates a whole range of general principles which manifest their work in our daily lives. For example, it illustrates the highly comforting fact, that independently from this hostile towards Polish people idol of Madonna from Malbork, there are also numerous statues and images of the God’s Mother, which strongly favour the Polish people and Poland. In the email is provided a specific example of the old painting of God's Mother which favours the Polish nation and which resides in the sanctuary named "Jasna Góra" from the Polish town of Częstochowa. To this painting is attributed the miraculous chasing out from Poland the invading Swedish army. For this act, and for other good deeds, the God's Mother was later crowned as the symbolic Queen of Poland. The email also illustrates the fact, that practically every person at some stage of his or her life experiences a supernatural event - except that most of us soon forget about it. Thus, although I personally stand by the beliefs which are contradictory to the main idea of that e-mail, and which I am explaining at the end of this item, still for the scientific exactitude, as well as because my human knowledge is by definition imperfect and incomplete, and thus I too can be wrong, in this item I quote and summarize the main ideas of that email - thereby enabling these ideas be verified also by the reader.
       According to the content of the email that I received, the Russian Marshal named Konev also experienced events of a supernatural character. Appeared to him, and even talked to him, a woman who were the materialization of God's Mother of Częstochowa - that is the same painting of Madonna that favours Polish people and Poland, which previously had already become famous because she chased the Swedish invasion out of Poland. The reader who wrote to me that email also explained that the repeated below from his email the course of that conversation of Marshall Konev with Madonna, originally is described on pages 300 to 307 of the Polish book [1#J4] by Father Dr. Joseph Bartnik (Jesuit and Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Warsaw) and Eve J. P. Starożyńska (the daughter of Scout from "Grey Army AK", battalion "Sophy"), entitled "Matka Boża Łaskawa a cud nad Wisłą" (i.e. "God's Mother of Graces and the miracle by the Vistula"). However, since I do NOT have an access to this book, I can only quote below descriptions that I received in the abovementioned email from the reader:
       "The Nazis on the 1st and 2nd September 1939 were confident that they remove Jasna Góra in Częstochowa from the surface of earth. The first squadron of planes rather than to sanctuary of God's Mother from Częstochowa saw a big lake and there they dropped the bombs - they were brought before a court martial. The second squadron of aircraft saw a great forest, and they dropped bombs in there. The third squadron composed of SS officers who volunteered to that task, did NOT come back at all. Reminded only a testimony of one SS-man, who survived but was paralyzed. Mother took care of him. He was happy that he have found a way back to God and that he saved his everlasting life. During the WW2 Częstochowa was visited by Hitler, Himmler, and Governor Frank. Towards the end of the war, during the January offensive of 1945, the Russian Marshal Konev wanted to take a few days of break near Częstochowa. When he studied maps regarding the further march to the front battle, came to his quarters a woman in dark clothing, and she ordered him an immediate march to Częstochowa, then she left. The Marshal asked his soldiers about that woman. But nobody had seen her. Konev immediately ordered the march and captured the Częstochowa town without firing a shot. The German commander had the order to blow Jasna Góra under the death penalty. Actually with 200 air bombs it was done, although the bombs supposed to explode two weeks later and the blame was to be placed on Soviets. A young, gifted student from the Leningrad Polytechnic, named Aljosza Kapustin, after 24 hours of dangerous searching found the detonator and de-mined the area. The young officer lost 10 kg in that short time, his hair turned grey, and his appearance become of the skin and bones. But Jasna Góra has been saved. The throne of Polish Queen remained. On 24 January Marshal Konev and his staff went to the chapel in Jasna Góra. At the sight of the picture of Blessed Virgin Mary he shouted in Ukrainian "this is the woman whom visited me", and in spite of being an atheist he twice gave a deep bow to the Blessed Mother, signing an orthodox cross with his hand. He confided to one amongst his officers that after hearing the words of God's Mother of Częstochowa he had nothing else in his mind, but just to immediately attack Częstochowa. Anyway Jasna Góra has already burned. In the monastery was the fire brigade captain, Professor of music S. Makosz. Awaken at 23rd hour in night from bed by Pauline Fathers, he extinguished the burning 8-ton truck filled with fuel. It would not be possible if it were not gunshots and panic of Germans, who fled in panic, and if not a huge amount of snow. A shaft of snow prevented the explosion. Upon learning about it, the Marshal Konev tightly surrounded the Jasna Góra, so that no German could escape."
       Author of this email also informed me that the abovementioned book [1#J4], on its page 93, explains the origin of idea enthronement of God's Mother to the Queen of Poland. According to this explanation, this idea was given by Virgin Mary herself to the Roman Jesuit, Father Julius Mancinelli. Here are descriptions from the e-mail containing this explanation. On 14 August 1608, i.e. in the eve of the feast of the Assumption, to the father Mancinelli appeared Madonna with the child, and with Stanislaus Kostka kneeling at her feet - i.e. with that young Polish Jesuit, who died 40 years earlier in the opinion of holiness (beatified in 1674, canonized in 1726). Shocked father Julius Mancinelli wanted to greet the Mother of God with a special solemn invocation. When he wondered what words he should use, the Mary spoke first: "Why not call me the Queen of Poland? I greatly love that kingdom and I intend to make great things for it, because its sons have a powerful love for Me." After the canonical confirmation of this revelation, father Mancinelli passed the words of Mother of God to his Polish colleague, Father Peter Skarga - confessor of the King Sigismund III since 1588. In turn from him the king and queen heard as first about this revelation of Mary. On page 94 of the same book [1#J4] is also explained that the father Mancinnelli, then already 71 years old, went from Naples to Krakow on foot and reached the Polish capital, on May 8, 1610, during the Feast of the patron of Poland, the Bishop Stanislaw. In the Wawel Cathedral, Mary again appeared to him, saying "I am the Queen of Poland. I am the Mother of this nation, which is very dear to Me, so turn yourself to me for them and for the well-being of this land constantly beg me." In turn, on the page 103 of the abovementioned book [1#J4] is the reminder, that the enthronement of Mother Mary was carried out by the Polish king Jan Kazimierz, on April 1, 1656 in the Cathedral of the city Lwów. A more detailed description of this enthronement, and events that accompanied it, is provided in item #D5 from the web page named sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm. (The selection of the date "April 1" - i.e. the Fools-day, may make us wonder in the light of what is explained in item #D8 from the web page named day26.htm.)
       As a person born in Poland, I certainly feel a great honour and pleasure that God's Mother herself volunteered to be the mother and the Queen of Polish people and Poland. I also feel immense gratitude and respect for everything that she has done and is doing for Poland and for Polish nation, and with all my heart I feel towards her my heartfelt thanks. But as a scientist who studies methods of God's actions, and as a private person unpleasantly affected by the idol of Madonna from Malbork, on the basis of my previously accumulated knowledge and experience I feel obliged at the same time, to NOT hide that I am opposed of praying to any Madonna, and opposed of asking any Madonna for anything. After all, neither the knowledge that God allowed me to learn so far, nor my previous private experience, nor the content of the Bible, are containing orders, or even just a suggestion, that independently from God, our prayers and petitions should also be addressed to the Virgin Mary. And yet the Bible contains a collection of the laws that God commanded us to do, and that then are severely judged by God. So if God felt the need for us to pray not only to Him, but also to the Virgin Mary, He certainly would let us to know it somehow in the content of the Bible that He authorises. In turn, since the philosophy of totalizm requires that every claim of "what" is supplemented further by at least an explanation of "why" (and, if possible, also by the explanation "which facts confirm this"), for the use of those readers who would like to verify in person the correctness of my position regarding the prayers and petitions addressed to any amongst idols of Madonna, below I list my reasons "why" feeding a deep respect and a gratitude to the Virgin Mary, I simultaneously entrust the Bible and the knowledge accumulated so-far, that our prayers and requests we should address only to God. Here are these reasons:
       (1) The Bible forbids praying to anyone or anything but God alone. This fact was explained earlier, for example see item #C7 (0) or item #D1 from this web page.
       (2) In spite of the name that people bestow her, the God's Mother could NOT be the mother of God, because God by definition has NOT had neither a mother or a father. So in fact She was only the mother of the body that God deliberately created and that was called Jesus, which performed the function of a link between God and humans. This means that the difference between God and the Virgin Mary, it is NOT just the difference between a mother and a son - for which it is taken by a lot of Catholics, but also is the difference between the Creator and a creation. After all, the God's Mother during her life was a human - that means she was a creation. Meanwhile, her son, Jesus, was so-called "bodily representation of God" described, amongst others, in item #B1 from the web page named changelings.htm or in item #F5 from the web page named antichrist.htm - means He was a special kind of person whose mind was permanently linked to the giant mind of God, and thus who knows and is able to do everything that knows and is able to do God Himself. I certainly understand how praying to the God's Mother, instead of praying to God, may be caused by habits which were induced in many of us by the experienced in childhood conducts of our mothers. After all, these conducts of mothers (ruled only by feelings) in many of us developed habits that if asking the father does not work, then in order to still "stand our case" it is sufficient to refer to the mother, and she either breaks the resistance of father, or skips the father altogether and directly we get from her of whatever we wanted. However, praying and addressing our requests to a God's creation, even if that creation acquired already various supernatural abilities to generate of whatever we ask, e.g. praying to a picture or to a statue of Madonna instead of praying to the Creator Himself (i.e. to God), we risk a lot and it is NOT just because God forbids us to pray to anyone or to anything other than He Himself - as explained in item #D1 above. After all, in contrast to the Creator, the creation do NOT know the future, and thus NOT always knows what really is in our interests - just as we do not always have the certainty that whatever we want is NOT going to act against us. So I am almost sure, that there were God-fearing immigrants for whom God make impossible to get a ticket for the Titanic trip, because according to the God's knowledge, they did NOT live immorally enough to deserve the journey in this doomed transatlantic, but who then prayed to God's Mother and received her supernatural assistance in the purchase of tickets for this doomed ship. I am also pretty sure that there were also morally acting husbands whom God made impossible to marry the wives which afterwards murdered or harmed them, because according to the God's knowledge they were too righteous to marry these women, however, prayers of who to the God's Mother were answered in their bachelor days by receiving a supernatural assistance in getting the hands of those particular their future wives.
       (3) By being a creation, God’s Mother does NOT have such a complete knowledge as that which God has. Thus, another rationale for the need to address our prayers and petitions directly to God Himself, stems from the fact that when the creator Himself does something, then His decision is made after a thorough examination with His superior mind of all the knowledge that is available only to God. Namely, for example, (a) after analyzing the results of His insight into the future (according to what is explained in item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm) - which insight gives to God the accurate knowledge as to how a given action is to affect the future of a given person and all of humanity, (b) after analyzing the divine memory of thoughts and intentions of the people which this action is to affect, (c) after analyzing God's knowledge about the laws and commandments that He issued to us, and that individual people have kept or broke in their behaviours, etc. Therefore, from God Himself everyone receives exactly what he or she has already deserved - i.e. receives what is "fair" and what NOT produces a karmatic "debt". However, if the action is taken by a divine creation, or even by a materialization of God's creation - such as a figure or an image of the Virgin Mary, then this creation is guided only by feelings and only by the limited knowledge that is available to it. Means the prayer requests addressed by us to the creations with supernatural powers, cause that sometimes we can get from them what we have NOT deserved yet, and thus for what (according to the principles of divine justice and in accordance with the operation of the so-called. "moral laws"), an additional bill inevitably come to us to be paid at a later date. In turn at this stage we completely do NOT know what kind of future bill is going to come back to the people for supernatural interventions, so it does NOT have to turn out to be pleasant. Therefore, I personally support absolutely what the Bible commands, namely that every divine creation should be respected and loved, also to every creature we must be grateful for whatever it has done for us, and thank it sincerely for any favour, but our prayers and requests should be addressed only to God. But this should not hinder us from documenting and researching all manifestations of the supernatural - because in the end they always lead us to a better knowledge and understanding of our Creator and His wonderful creations.
       (4) Creatures with the supernatural powers have in their disposal, among others, the power to assume any appearance that they want. This in turn gives them the ability to "impersonate". Thus, the fact that a supernatural manifestation has the appearance of a specific figure or image of Madonna, does NOT mean that it actually is the Virgin Mary. This fact is best illustrated by today's encounters with UFOnauts. It is because UFOnauts frequently in UFOs show themselves and introduce themselves to people just as Jesus or the Virgin Mary - for examples see the web page named ufo.htm. So whenever someone sees the manifestation of a supernatural being, then no matter how this creature looks like and what it says or does, it actually still is not completely known who really is watched by us at that time. (For example, in the repeated above statements of the being seen by Mancinelli, it is worth to analyse the compliance of the choice of words and tone to the known attributes of the Biblical Virgin Mary - which represents the ideal of goodness, femininity and delicacy.)
       (5) At the present stage of knowledge, still we do NOT know to what purpose are serving the supernatural manifestations of the Virgin Mary. So we should stop taking risks of unverified actions until such a time when the full knowledge about these manifestations will be completed. After all, they can be e.g. a kind of tests from our knowledge of God's commandments and requirements. (After all, God prohibits in the Bible praying to anyone or to anything other than He Himself.) In turn, this test can e.g. check who is enough disciplined, consistent and prudent, that is suitable for the future performance of functions of the "soldier of God" described in item #J3 from this web page, and also in item #B1.1 from a different web page named antichrist.htm.

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#Z1. Summary of this web page:

       As this web page tries to realise, on one hand the Malbork Castle is a vital asset for Polish tourism, history, religion, national pride, etc. However, on the other hand to this castle applies the totaliztic saying that knowledge is responsibility.

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